Hello, is anybody out there!

Well, holy crap, long time no see, peeps! Mx Nillin here, though most of you likely remember me as Kevlar. In the time since you last heard anything from me I’ve changed my name (all of it), gotten married (to EZ Bruiser!), and I’ve been forging along a pretty unique career path as a sex worker, educator, and blogger. Whodathunkit, eh!?

If you’re curious about what I’m looking like these days, here’s a pic of Falon (formerly “EZ Bruiser”) and I from just a couple of weeks ago.


Probably not how you remember us lol.


Anyway, just thought that I’d pop in, catch up real quick, and say that if you’re at all interested in following my current writing, you can find my new blog at www.mxnillin.com where I post about sex, masturbation, sex toys, group play, kinks, non-monogamy, queer/feminist porn, as well as ethical exhibitionism and voyeurism, among other things. While I do write on a variety of sexuality topics, I strive to primarily generate queer and trans centric content that is pleasure focused, sex & body positive, kink/BDSM friendly, and anti-racist. So, if you’re not queer, trans, and/or super kinky then it may not be your thing.

[NOTE: Mx Nillin is an 18+ sex blog, so, reader discretion advised.]

Outside of the blog I’m keeping busy participating in a really awesome distance internship through the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health. I’m also frequently watching and tweeting about queer porn for the #SexEdPornReviews feature on feminist adult entertainment site “The Crash Pad Series” [this is an ADULT ONLY site]. And playing video games. So many video games haha.

In terms of social media, I do have a Twitter account and official Facebook page up for Mx Nillin. Please feel free to follow me there and, if you’re feeling comfortable, toss me a message or tweet!

[NOTE: the Twitter account is SUPER 18+, so again, reader discretion is advised.]

For those who remember my coming out posts from 2013 and 2014, if you’re interested in life updates check out “Mx Nillin’s Monthly Refaps“, “How Learning About Queer Sex Taught Me Self-Love” [a guest post I did for Crash Pad Series], and “My Favorite Sexy Selfies and NSFW Pics of 2016“.

I hope that you are all doing well and taking care of yourselves.


Mx Nillin