Parade Promotion

Gotta love summer parades! Check out some great pictures of derby girls and boys around the prairie provinces out on the streets of their city promoting their league and sport!

It really is amazing seeing so many leagues supporting all sorts of things in their community from public libraries to LGBT events. Keep it up everyone!

Click here for full NorSask Roller Derby parade gallery.

Click here for full Gas City Rollers parade gallery.

Click here for full Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild parade gallery.

Click here for full Lil Chicago Roller Derby parade gallery.

Have a parade photo of you and your league that you’d like featured here? Let me know in the comments and I’d be happy to include it!



  1. Queen City Roller Sports (RRRD) was in the Queen City Ex Parade at the end of July. We even won best new entry!
    We have a few photos if you would like to post.

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