July 2012 Bout Reviews

Unfortunately, technology hasn’t quite yet advanced to the point where we can physically be in two places at once or teleport over large distances (I’m also still waiting on my jetpack like those old black & white speculative fiction videos promised) so because there was a lot going on throughout the prairies last month you were probably only able to go to a few derby events. Not that that’s a bad thing! A “few” derby events is better than NO derby events. But what did you miss? Well, let’s take a look!


July 7th, 2012: Sidewalk Daze (Moose Jaw, SK)

Hosted in Moose Jaw at the Hillcrest Sports Center by Lil Chicago Roller Derby (LCRD), the LCRD Jaw Breakers face off against Swift Current’s Redneck Betties for the second time this year. Both these teams have a long history together having started at relatively the same time 2 years ago and have since developed a healthy, friendly rivalry with one another. Poor Alpha Ginger, #713 of the Jaw Breakers, suffered a rough injury this game (that can be seen in the gallery) in which she badly pulled her anterior cruciate ligament. She has been out for the last couple of weeks but is slowly getting back on her skates!

LCRD Jaw Breakers (114) vs Redneck Betties (209)

For pictures from Rob Hoskins click here.

Great derby action between the Jaw Breakers and Redneck Betties capture by Rob Hoskins of McMaster Studios.


July 7th: Axles and Allies (Lethbridge, AB)

Hosted in Lethbridge at the Henderson Ice Arena by the Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild (LRDG), the LRDG faced off against the Foothills Roller Derby Association (FRDA) in their first home game since competing in the Roller Derby Association of Canada’s Westerns Tournament.

LRDG Deathbridge Dames (325) vs FRDA DAMNsels of Distress (71)


July 7th: Mid-Summer Beatdown (Penhold, AB)

Hosted in Penhold, Alberta at the Penhold Regional Multiplex by the Red Deer Roller Derby Association (RDRDA), the RDRDA and Chinook City Roller Derby (CCRD) from Calgary each put together a Co-ed All Stars Team to test each other’s metal!

RDRDA Purple People Beaters (313) vs CCRD Natural Born Thrillers (129)


July 14th: A STAHR is Born! (St. Albert, AB)

Hosted in St. Albert at the Servus Place by St. Albert Heavenly Rollers (SAHR), the SAHR played an intense bout against Chinook City Roller Derby’s (CCRD) Kill Jills from Calgary.

Heavenly Rollers (102) vs CCRD Kill Jills (185)


July 14th, 2012: Season 5, Bouts 8-11 (Calgary, AB)

Four back, to back, to back, to back roller derby games at the Triwood Community Center and Arena pitting the E-Ville Roller Derby League against the Calgary Roller Derby Association against the Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild. Three leagues, four games, and lots of stellar derby action!

Game 1-
CRDA B-52 Bellas (109) vs E-Ville Black Gold Diggers (124)

Game 2-
CRDA Cut Throat Car Hops (83) vs E-Ville Slice Girls (122)

Game 3-
CRDA Thrashin’ Lassies (108) vs E-Ville Berzerkhers (161)

Game 4-
LRDG Deathbridge Derby Dames (48) vs E-Ville Los Pistolitas (134)


July 21st, 2012: Summer Smackdown (Regina SK)

Hosted in Regina at the Caledonian Curling Club by the Pile o’ Bones Derby Club (PBDC), Summer Smackdown was a pretty intense match-up between the Gravediggers and South East Saskatchewan Roller Derby Association’s Hillbilly Hurt. Hilbilly Hurt played an excellent first half and looked poised to win but the Gravediggers returned from the half-time break with guns blazing and turned the odds in their favor!

PBDC Gravediggers (189) vs SESRDA Hillbilly Hurt (146)

For pictures from Eagleclaw Thom click here.

Bo Batt (far left) gets Anya Azz (white team pivot) in her sights. Excellent picture from photographer Eagleclaw Thom.


July 21st, 2012: Apollo 11, Season 1 Bout 1 (Calgary, AB)

Hosted in Calgary at the Stu Peppard Arena by Chinook City Roller Derby (CCRD), the CCRD introduced their newest team, the Natural Born Thrillers, in a bout against the Oil City Derby Girl’s (OCDG) Drill Bits from Edmonton.

CCRD Natural Born Thrillers (97) vs OCDG Drill Bits (151)


July 21st, 2012: Summer Series Bout 3 (Winnipeg, MB)

Hosted in Winnipeg at the Fort Garry Curling Club by the Winnipeg Roller Derby League (WRDL), two home teams, the Backseat Betties and The Corporation battled it out on the track in an epic inter-league contest.

WRDL Backseat Betties (109) vs WRDL The Corporation (104)


July 21st: Crazed and Contused (Brandon, MB)

Hosted in Brandon at Canadian Forces Base Shilo in Building L-25 by the Wheat City Roller Derby League (WCRDL), the WCRDL took on the Ringleader Roller Girls from Whitewood, Saskatchewan for the second game of their first season!

WCRDL Gang Green (183) vs Ringleader Roller Girls (91)


July 28th, 2012: The Double Broiler Double Header (Saskatoon, SK)

Hosted in Saskatoon at the Prairieland Park (Hall C) by the Saskatoon Roller Derby League (SRDL), the Double Broiler Double Header presented two back to back intense games featuring talent from all across the province of Saskatchewan. First up was the SRDL Rockettes vs Sask Rookies made up of rising skaters from NorSask Roller Derby, Prince Albert Roller Derby League, This was a unique bout for me as not only did I ref on my birthday but for the first time in my short career I got to Jam Ref for the rookie bout. After spending my first 20 games as an Outside Pack Ref, Inside Pack Ref, and Head Ref, serving as Jam Ref was a VERY interesting experience to say the least. Quite the change of pace and I learned a ton. So thanks to the SRDL for the invite out, for the opportunity to jam ref, and for showing a guy a good time on his birthday!

SRDL Rockettes (138) vs Sask Rookies (173)

For pictures from Shaun Savage Photography click here.

SRDL Killa Bees (123) vs PBDC Gravediggers (196)

For pictures from Mike Trottier click here.

The Killa Bees and Gravediggers were playing for keeps. Lots of heavy hits and intense jams. Photo by Shaun Savage Photography.