Weekend Results and A Salute to NSOs Everywhere

Labour Day Smash-Up 3

The Pile O’ Bones Derby Club put on one hell of an event in Regina this past Saturday, September 1st as the PBDC All-Star Sugar Skulls took on the E-Ville Dead who were visting from Edmonton, Alberta. Not only was the bout arguably one of the most exciting games of this season but following it was a massive cabaret which drew out quite the crowd. As if the evening wasn’t exciting enough, a bus from Saskatoon carried approximately 25 girls from Camp Gonnawannahitcha out to Regina’s Caledonian Curling Club  so that they could all partake in the jubilations; and among the visiting skaters was the queen of derby herself, Bonnie D. Stroir!

The PBDC Sugar Skulls pump themselves up before the game starts. Photo by Eagleclaw Thom.

The score bounced back and forth throughout the game as the Sugar Skulls and E-Ville Dead kept within mere points of one another. Coming out of the first half the Sugar Skulls lead 103 to 96 but with just 15 minute left to the game E-Ville  was regaining control with 131 points to 127. Now I’m not sure what spurred it, but something must have been said on the bench to inspire the Sugar Skulls because they took to the track like a bat out of hell for the few remaining jams and pulled ahead to a big win! Needless to say, it was an amazing bout that had everyone in attendance up on their feet in anticipation!

PBDC All-Star Sugar Skulls (201) vs E-Ville Dead (145)

Janesaw (left) of the Sugar Skulls makes her way through the pack as E-Ville attempts to stop her. Photo by Eagleclaw Thom.

Sugar Skulls MVPs: (Jammer) Janesaw #20, (Blocker) Missy Ascrew #16

E-Ville MVPs: (Blocker) Dee Vicious #XO

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A Salute to NSOs Everywhere

This derby event was particularly important for me as it marked the very first time I would NOT be on my skates officiating. I had decided to try out a Non-Skating Official (NSO) position and was assigned the role of Penalty Tracker. Man was that eye opening! Sure, I figured some penalties would be coming in, I mean I had called plenty of them myself over the last several months as a referee, but the sheer volume of calls that would be made in periodic bursts was mind blowing! Absolutely anyone who Penalty Tracks, Penalty Wrangles or works the Inside Whiteboard has my upmost respect and admiration. You folks are beasts!

Of course it’s not just about those working on the inside with the referees. Absolutely everybody out there from the Penalty Timers to Jam Timer, Scorekeepers to Scoreboard Operator, and Outside Whiteboards to Head NSO, are under a massive amount of pressure and the fact that they can all work together effectively (despite perhaps meeting for the very first time), while simultaneously ensuring that the game runs smoothly and fairly, is truly an impressive feat! Every single one of you should be incredibly proud of yourselves and know that what you do is no small task! You are no less important than any skater, coach, or referree out there on that track!

So I salute you, NSOs!  Know that when I shake your hand and say “thank you” after a bout I sincerely mean it!  You guys rock!


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