Weekend Results: September 15th, 2012

Blood & Bones

The Pile O’ Bone Derby Club (PBDC) hosted their final home bout of the season out at the Caledonian Curling Club and could not be more delighted to see that the event was completely sold out! With approximately 1,000 spectators in the stands PBDC’s three house teams the 306th Bombshell Battalion, the Bone City Beaver Dames, and the Lockdown Lolitas all battled it for the league title. Each team played a 30 minute period against one another and whoever had the most compiled points at the end of the night was crowned 2012 Blood & Bones Champions. Ultimately, it was the Bone City Beaver Dames who came out on top, taking the title from last year’s champions the Lockdown Lolitas.

League Champions: Bone City Beaver Dames with 166 points

Second Place: 306th Bombshell Battalion with 144 points

Third Place: Lockdown Lolitas with 135 points

Skaters, refs, NSOs, and volunteers strike a pose one final time for the 2012 season.


Derby Beloved

The after party which followed was one for the books but it also came with a sense of sadness as everybody knew the long break until spring was only just beginning. Luckily the mood was lightened up by a good ol’ fashioned derby wives wedding. This was the first I had ever witnessed and it was simultaneously hilarious and a powerful showing of the deep, meaningful friendships that are forged within this sport.

Congratulations to Miss Bea Haven, Lil’ Assassin, and Eden Cox of the PBDC!


STAHR Derby Present: The Garden of Beatin’

St. Albert Heavenly Rollers Derby put on a double header at the Servus Credit Union Place. In the first gamea number of STAHR rookies, mixed with some more experience skaters, played the Lakeland Ladykillers from northern Saskatchewan’s Lakeland area. Then their travel team, the Arch Angels, took on the Saskatoon Roller Derby League.


STAHR Arch Angels (132) vs SRDL (152)

STAHR Mixed (93) vs Lakeland Ladykillers (139)


PBJD Junior Invitational

The Pile O’ Bones Junior Derby Invitational was a smashing success! Over 30 young skaters came from all around the province, and in some cases beyond that, to show the city of Regina just how much rising talent there is in this sport. Learn more about the PBJD club HERE and make sure to keep checking back at Derby Frontier for more coverage of our junior leagues in the coming days!

Check out the photo gallery from Sandra Provick HERE.

The skill out on the track from these young skaters was beyond impressive! I can only imagine how good they’ll be by the time they join adult derby.