One Prize Left to Give Away!

Only 6 more days remain for the Derby Frontier Poetry Contest so I figured now was a great time to quickly go over the winners we have had so far. Don’t forget that all submissions MUST be in by September 29th. The fourth and final winner will be announced on the 30th over Facebook at Our final prize is a copy of 8 Wheels of Death on DVD, a comedy-romance zombie movie starring the Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls. It’s the perfect prize for the upcoming Halloween season so make sure you submitt something to before it’s too late!

Make sure to check out the contest rules and eligibility before submitting!


Week  1 Winner:

Jody “I.M. dMented” Richard, from the Saskatoon Roller Derby League, won herself a DVD copy of Whip It! and a gift card for Cineplex Odeon Theatres. Jody’s winning limerick:

There once was a skater named dMented.
She had a temper that she regularly vented.
She was oft sent to the box,
‘Cause her attitude sucked rocks!
She soon learned her behaviour must be amended.


Week 2 Winner:

Hannah “WillKillSome” Wilkinson, from the Saskatoon Roller Derby League, snagged herself a paperback copy of Down and Derby: The Insider’s Guide to Roller Derby by Jennifer “Hasey Bomber” Barbee and Alex “Axels of Evil” Cohen. Hannah’s winning poem:

I’m Here

They say we’re sluts
They say we’re whores
If they’d watch us
They’d see we’re more
I’m strong, and fast
An athlete’s dream
Your lover, your friend
I am everything
I’ll break your heart
Your ankles, your leg
I’ll hurt you, you’ll hate me
But all the same,
They keep coming back
Every last one
We love each other
Look, it’s clear
I am Roller Derby
Watch out, I’m here


Week 3 Winner:

Michelle “Penny Pinch-Her” Drake, from Lil Chicago Roller Derby (Moose Jaw, SK), took in a set of 20 roller derby pins and will be featured in a Derby Girl Spotlight article. Michelle’s winning poem:

I reflect… – An original derby poem by Penny Pinch-Her

Standing at the jammer line
Nothing between the win, but time
The coach is signalling me
All my blockers take a knee

The first whistle jumps starts my heart
The second, I get a running start
Through the pack both jammers go
The blockers deliver heavy blows

“Lead red” my jammer ref has called
My blockers have their jammer stalled
The fans are getting really loud
There is my daughter in the crowd

Oh a sneaky hit I take
I call it off, I need a break
At last the game is finally done
The feelign is an awesome one

Hooray we won another game
Too bad their team is feeling shame
My little girl comes from the crowd
She hugs me tight and says she’s proud

Her mama is a derby girl
And to here it really means the world
Both teams will now have tears and beers
Memories like these last for years

I love roller derby!