Bout Poster Love

Sorry about being so silent for the last several days everyone! I was swamped with work and some personal matters but I’m back now and shifting into gear to bring you a TON more stories that have been sitting on the back burner for a while now! Before I get to the bulk of those posts though, there is one thing I’ve been wanting to do a quick special on for quit a while: bout posters! Let’s be honest, more often the not the poster designs for bouts are often overlooked. Which is a shame because there are many of them that are genuinely well done.

So I’ve decided to compile a gallery of some of the bout posters from 2012 so far which I felt were particularly eye catching or do a great job promoting the sport of roller derby. Unfortunately, I could not find large enough image files for some of them (post larger images of your bout posters on your Facebook pages guys!!!) so this is certainly NOT a conclusive, all encompassing list of the “best” posters so much as it is a collected gallery of some the coolest that deserve to be admired by all!

So next time you head out to a game, make sure you take the time to appreciate the posters! A lot of work goes into these!


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