October 2012 Bout Results

“But Kevlar! October was two months ago!” Well hey, better late than never! A ton of bouts were on the go this past October and each one deserves exposure despite the late posting. So here it is, the results of every derby bout during the Season of the Witch! This list is not the end all be all of derby events in the Canadian Prairies. Mainly it is a compilation of the very public bouts that were easy to track down and consisted of posted results. Enjoy! And if there is a game you would like to add please do not hesitate to message us over Facebook at www.facebook.com/DerbyFrontier.


saskrollOctober 6th – SRDL Presents: The Reaping

The SRDL Kill Bees closed out their season with a final home game against Swift Current’s Redneck Betties out at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon. Playing a hard hitting game the Killa Bees skated hard but were unable to topple the seemingly unstoppable Betties have have only lost one game this season.

SRDL Killa Bees (97) vs Redneck Betties (213)



299462_10151244737030202_173248395_n October 13th – E-Ville Roller Derby Presents Season Opener

E-Ville Roller Derby put on their first bouting event of their season out at the Mayfield Trade Center in Edmonton, AB where their home teams the Las Pistolitas and Black Gold Diggers viewed for the honor of the first inter-league win of the season. Despite a great showing by both teams Las Pistolitas was able to pull ahead and take the first big win.

Las Pistolitas (199) vs Black Gold Diggers (76)

Photo Gallery from Anthony Canada can be viewed HERE.



October 13th – Winnipeg Roller Derby League 2012 Championships


It was a familiar setting for both Valkyries’ Wrath and The Corporation as they faced off against each other for the 2012 WRDL Championships out at the Winnipeg Convention Center.  Both teams had made it to the final within their league last year and it was The Corporation who came out on top as champions for 2011. However, the Valkyries’ had some new strategic tricks up their sleeve  which gave them the leg up this time around and ultimately lead to them taking the much coveted title for 2012. Valkyries’ Wrath (152) vs The Corporation (109)



STAHRs Pre GameOctober 13th – All Those About to Block: STAHR Heavenly Rollers vs RDRDA Nightshades

Okay, I have to give credit to the event organizers for this one because I LOVE the AC/DC referencing bout title “All Those About to Block” (we salute you!), kudos strangers! Anyway, the St. Albert Heavenly Rollers hosted their last home game at Servus Place  where they played Red Deer Roller Derby Association’s Nightshades in a heated finnale. Though the game was a tight race the Heavenly Rollers were able to edge out their opponents by 15 points. Gotta love close games!

STAHR (127) vs RDRDA Nightshades (112)



299462_10151244737030202_173248395_nOctober 20th – E-Ville Dead vs Colorado Prime Cuts

Just 7 days after their first house league game, the E-ville Dead was back out on the flat track at the Mayfield Trade Center where they hosted their WFTDA sanctioned adversaries, Greely, Colorado’s Slaughterhouse Prime Cuts. The Dead showed no mercy against the visiting Prime Cuts, making minced meat of them out on the track.

E-Ville Dead (267) vs Slaughterhouse Prime Cuts (56)

View the photo gallery from Anthony Canada HERE.



SlaughterfestOctober 20th – Slaughterfest: Grand Prairie Roller Derby vs Misfits of Mayhem

Hosted at the TEC Center out in Grande Prairie’s Evergreen Park, the GPRD played a good game against CARDA’s Misfits of Mayhem but came up just short of their visiting foes.

Misfits of Mayhem (140) vs GPRD (119)



October 20th – Grimm’s Derby Tales

Red Deer Roller Derby Association hosted an awesome double header out at the Prairie Pavilion in Westerner Park which featured the Belladonna’s facing off against Calgary Roller Derby Association’s All Stars and the Dreadnaught men’s team against Vancouver Murder.

RDRDA Belladonna’s (181) vs CRDA All Stars (70)

Dreadnaught (93) vs Vancouver Murder (160)