Sport Floor for Everyone!

CRDi and Bad Girlfriend Skates are looking for donations to purchase two sport floors, one for Western Canada and one for Eastern Canada, that would immediately be made readily available for event use by Canadian leagues. The idea is alleviate the cost of and stress felt by leagues/organizations in renting sport floors for their bouts , tournaments, and boot camps.

“No league will own this,” explained Lesley McDonald, aka Hoochie,  of Bad Girlfriend Skates and the CRDi. “We all struggle [with] not being able to have satisfactory surfaces for tournaments so I want to buy some to alleviate the pain we go through to borrow [or] rent [them]. Leagues will only have to pay for transportation of [the] track from its storage to their event and back.”

As an added bonus, everyone who donates $10, $25, or $50 toward the $15 000 goal will have their name printed on one of the outside track tiles of the court!

To learn more about this venture and to donate now, visit: GoFundMe.