RDAC Nationals Preview: Pile O’ Bones Derby Club

League: Pile O’ Bones Derby Club

Established: 2008

Location: Regina, SK

Teams: Sugar Skulls, Gravediggers, Lockdown Lolitas, Bone City Beaver Dames, 306th Bombshell Battalion

Official Site: http://pileobonesderbyclub.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pileobonesderby

Contact: info@pileobonesderbyclub.com

Fun Fact: The PBDC just recently held a logo design that was won by Danielle Belliveau, aka Bazinga. You can read all about her in the Derby Frontier Derby Girl Spotlight: Bazinga article!

Who Are They Sending?: The PBDJ will be represented by their all-star team, the Sugar Skulls.

 The PBDC on the 2012 RDAC Nationals

To truly illustrate the importance of an event like the upcoming 2012 RDAC National Tournament you need not look much further than Regina’s Pile O’ Bones Derby Club, one of the six leagues competing in the competition to determine Canada’s first champion. They will be sending their Sugar Skulls team to represent themselves and the Central Region. Like many other cities across the country Regina is, unfortunately, unaware of not only the existence of the PBDC, but also of the existence of modern roller derby itself. “I believe there are people who [still] haven’t realized that this is a legitimate sport, and even fewer who realize that it is the fastest growing sport in the world,” explained Vegas, coach of the PBDC Gravediggers, who feels this lack of awareness around Regina has lead to many struggles for the PBDC. “I also believe that most people in Regina don’t realize that they are home to one of the top teams in Canada, and that team is struggling to find practice space and stay alive.”

By participating in the upcoming RDAC Nationals, Vegas and the PBDC are hopeful of the positive impact that the tournament will have on the sport in Canadian communities everywhere. “[We’re] happy that there is finally a Canadian championship. This sport has grown incredibly from its underground days, primarily because of the hard work of women who are very driven and worked together tirelessly. This will help to wake the people up.” Of course, it also helps that the exposure the PBDC will receive in particular could lead to a more stable future for the league within Regina. “It lets other people know that we are one of the best teams in Canada, so hopefully we will continue to build our fan base and grab the attention of more sponsors or even a big-name sponsor.”

Despite any frustrations with exposure for the sport and their league, Coach Vegas is happy to see that many of the PBDC skaters have allowed the anticipation of Nationals to consume them. “For most of our skaters this will be their first time to attend a derby tournament. I think it’s safe to say there’s some bout anxiety for most of them, but the excitement tops it.”

PBDC Home Teams.

PBDC Home Teams. Photo courtesy of Jessica Lena Photography.


  • April 27th (Regina, SK)– PBDC House Teams Season Opener
  • May 25th (Regina, SK)– PBDC Gravediggers vs Bisman Roller Derby (North Dakota)
  • June 29th (Regina, SK)– PBDC House Teams Triple-Header
  • August 17th (Regina, SK)– PBDC Home Game
  • September 14th (Regina, SK)– PBDC Home Teams Championship

JUNIOR DERBY: The PBDC also has a junior roller derby league called Pile O’ Bones Junior Derby (PBJD). This group has been in operation since 2011 and is in a continual growth phase. To learn more about the PBJD, check out the Derby Frontier feature article Tomorrow’s Derby Girls: Pile O’ Bones Junior Derby.