RDAC Nationals Preview: Saskatoon Roller Derby League

League: Saskatoon Roller Derby League

Established: 2007

Location: Saskatoon, SK

Teams: MindFox, KillaBees, Rockettes, Voodoo Vixens, Parole Models

Official Site: http://saskatoonrollerderby.ca/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saskatoonrollerderbyleague

Who are they sending?: The SRDL will be sending their all-star team, the MindFox, to represent the league, the city of Saskatoon, and the Central region.

The SRDL on the 2012 RDAC Nationals

Like everyone else counting down the days to Nationals this upcoming Friday, March 15th, the Saskatoon Roller Derby League (SRDL), who will be sending their A team the MindFox, could not be more excited about experiencing an event of this caliber firsthand. “We’re positively elated to be taking part in a tournament of this scale,” explained Rebecca Taylor, aka Hit Disturber, President of the Saskatoon Roller Derby League. “We all love playing this sport so much, so the chance to play multiple games with teams from across our huge country is just beyond words. It’s also a rush knowing big WFTDA names like Bob Noxious will be there announcing- it’s really happening!” For everyone in the SRDL, this offers them an immense opportunity to learn and grow. “This will be a chance for SRDL to play against some eastern teams, which is a great opportunity. For a lot of our girls, it will also be the first tournament they’ve participated in, so that will be a huge experience!”

Not only have the MindFox really stepped up their game the last few months in preparation for the tournament but they have also receive invaluable support from local businesses, media outlets, and their community. “We’ve had huge support from our sponsors Escape Sports, Maaco Collision, Sports on Tap, and Hard Pressed. We also had extra practice time donated to our league from the [Saskatoon Kinsmen/Henk Ruys Soccer Center] and Saskatoon’s media channels have given us a lot of coverage, which is a great feeling.” With the city of Saskatoon itself behind them, the SRDL hopes to not only make their home town proud but they also hope the rest of the country will tune in to appreciate the massive potential roller derby has as a “serious” sport. “This event will be a huge milestone for roller derby in Canada. I think it will show the public that people are serious about this sport [and spectators] will be amazed by the passion of both the players and volunteers.”

When asked if she had anything else she would like to add, Hit Disturber merely let out a battle cry for her opponents: CRY HAVOC AND LET LOOSE THE MINDFOX!


  • March 15th (Edmonton, AB)– SRDL Mindfox @ RDAC Nationals
  • April 13th (Calgary, AB)– SRDL Mindfox @ Flat Track Fever 2013
  • April 27th (Edmonton, AB)– SRDL Mindfox @ Oil City
  • April 27th (Prince Albert, SK)– SRDL KillaBees @ NorSask
  • May 4th (Saskatoon, SK)- Mindfox vs Chinook City / KillaBees vs Ringleader
  • June 1st (Swift Current, SK)– SRDL Mindfox @ Redneck Betties
  • June 15th (Saskatoon, SK)- Mindfox vs Oil City / KillaBees vs Gapland Rollers
  • July 6th (Swift Current, SK)– SRDL Mindfox and KillaBees @ Redneck Rumble
  • August 24th (Red Deer, AB)– Mindfox @ RDRDA Belladonnas
  • Sept 21st – SaskCup
  • Oct 5th (Saskatoon, SK)- SRDL Home Bout
  • Oct 19th (Okanagen, BC)- SRDL Mindfox and KillaBees @ Okanagen
  • Nov 16th (Saskatoon, SK)- SRDL Home Bout
  • Dec 7th (Saskatoon, SK)- SRDL Home Bout