RDAC Nationals Preview: The Official Word

So we’ve covered a couple of participating leagues and gave a brief overview of what to expect this weekend, but what about those brave souls who will travel to Edmonton from all over the country to officiate the entire tournament? What about those valiant refs and NSOs! Below you will find information on all of the head officials for the 2012 RDAC Nationals as well as the names of everyone who will be serving on their crews. For more information head on over to the Roller Derby Association of Canada website.


Noah Backtalk – Tournament Head Referee

Noah Backtalk got his start in 2006 when he began officiating for the Terminal City Roller Girls. He then went on to officiate and coach for the Eves of Destruction, who he has been ever ever since. Noah has shared his skill set with leagues all over North America and loves to teach whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Outside of officiating and coaching Noah also plays derby. In 2008 he founded Team Canada’s Mens Roller Derby and in 2010 he put together Vancouver Murder in 2010 who he acts as both captain and trainer for.

Noah Backtalk - Tounament Head Ref

Noah Backtalk – Tournament Head Ref. (Photo: TJ Chase Photography)

Miss Nomer – Tournament Head NSO

miss nomer has been NSOing for nearly 7 years and is currently the co-head NSO of the Oly Rollers in Washington state.  Since 2009 she has taught and led officiating clinics all around North America. The 2012 RDAC Nationals Tournament marks her 11th time serving as Tournament Head NSO. Other major events she has worked include the Blood & Thunder World Cut, WFTDA Big 5 events, and the 2011 and 2012 Canadian Westerns.

Miss Nomer - Tournament Head NSO

Miss Nomer – Tournament Head NSO

Crash Test Ref – Crew Head Referee

Crash Test Ref has 5 years of roller derby experience in North America and Europe and is a WFTDA Certified Level 2 Referee.  He has served as a crew head referee at a number of big tournaments including the first European Championship “Roll Brittania” in London, England.  Outside his travels Crash is the current head official of the Terminal City Rollergirls in Vancouver, Canada.

Crash Test Ref will be overseeing the following skating officials:

  • Capt Hammer (Edmonton, AB)
  • Frosty Box (Calgary, AB)
  • Heff (Wetaskiwin, AB)
  • Jefftimus (Edmonton, AB)
  • Pamtera (Edmonton, AB)
  • Samiracle (Toronto, ON)
  • Toxic (Regina, SK)
Crash Test Ref - Crew Head Ref

Crash Test Ref – Crew Head Ref

Dev Null – Crew Head Referee

Dev Null has been officiating since 2009 when he began studying the sportat training camps across Alberta and British Columbia.  To date he has officiated for such big events as the Wild West Showdown, The Big ‘O’, Spudtown Knockdown, the 2011 Blood and Thunder World Cup, and he was crew head as well as co-organizer of Flat Track Fever 2012.  Dev Null was granted level 2 WFTDA certification in 2011. He currently officiates and plays derby with Chinook City Roller Derby League. Dev also builds skates with his partner Roxy Acetylene in their derby owned skate shop in Calgary.  His goals for 2013 includes being an official at the RDAC Regionals for West and Central regions, and at least 3 of the Big 5.

Dev Null will be overseeing the following skating officials:

  • Al Diablo (Edmonton, AB)
  • Dixon Syder (Edmonton, AB)
  • Kevlar (Moose Jaw, SK)
  • Kurz So Good (Saskatoon, SK)
  • Left Turn Don (Regina, SK)
  • Trevor Prosser (Calgary, AB)
  • Viv the Shiv (Edmonton, AB)
Dev Null - Crew Head Ref

Dev Null – Crew Head Ref

Papa Razzo – Crew Head NSO (Team Godzilla)

Papa Razzo is a jack of all trades with WFTDA Certification as both a Level 1 Skating Official and a Level 2 Non Skating Official.  Razzo was the former Head Official for the Red Deer Roller Derby Association. He has worked two WFTDA Regional Playoffs, 1 WFTDA Championship, and the 2011 World Cup, as well as numerous other events around Western Canada and the US.

Papa Razzo will be overseeing the following Non-Skating Officials:

  • Buffy Slammers (Saint John, NB)
  • Go Go
  • Hung Solo (Edmonton, AB)
  • Jen U. Whine (Calgary, AB)
  • Lucy Lugnuts
  • Quantum Chaos (Saskatoon, SK)
  • Ragnarok (Red Deer, AB)
  • Shovel (Lakeland, AB)
  • Sista Twista (Regina, SK)
  • Skatez So frantic (Edmonton, AB)
  • Sweet Plea (Calgary, AB)
  • Uninspidered (West Kootenay, BC)
Papa Razzo - Crew Head NSO

Papa Razzo – Crew Head NSO (Photo: Jules Doyle)

Thurston Gore – Crew Head NSO (Team Mothra-Don Cherry)

Thurston Gore has been officiating roller derby as an NSO since 2009. He has served as an NSO for two WFTDA Regional tournaments, one WFTDA Championship, and the 2011 Blood & Thunder World Cup. Thurston has also worked numerous bouts throughout the Western US. Thurston and occasionally announces for events as well. He currently coaches one of the WFTDA”s newest member leagues, the Rainy City Roller Dolls of Centralia, Washington.

Thurston Gore will be overseeing the following Non-Skating Officials:

  • B-Lethal (Regina, SK)
  • Big Sugar (Edmonton, AB)
  • Bruce Payne (Regina, SK)
  • Bruised Lee (Calgary, AB)
  • Fehr E Fire (Slocan, BC)
  • Georgie Porgie (Nelson, BC)
  • Herbie Hind (Calgary, AB)
  • Izzie Board’em (Edmonton, AB)
  • Jam or Jelly
  • Little Jon
  • SherRef (Edmonton, AB)
  • Smack Sparrow (Castlegar, BC)
Thurston Gore - Crew Head NSO

Thurston Gore – Crew Head NSO