The Heartland Expands

As roller derby explodes around the world through online tournament coverage and exposure in countless high profile papers, magazines, various local news stations, movies, and TV shows the Heartland Rollergirls Association (HRGA) out of Stettler, Alberta is looking to aggressively grow right alongside it! This past March they took to their Facebook page to officially announce their exciting new partnership with the Central Alberta Roller Derby Association (CRDA) in which they will join the organization as a house team alongside other teams such as the Missfits of Mayhem, the Rez City Rollers, the Vexy Beasts, and the Mia Dolls. The HRGA will remain its own entity despite their new role as a “house team”, a bond similar in nature to the current one that exists between CARDA and the Rez City Rollers out of Wetaskawin.

Overall, it is a match made in heaven for an organization such as theirs. “We’re a small league with big ambitions. We spent the last two years establishing the league and now we’re ready to go to the next level,” explained Judy-Lyn Sylvester, aka Muffy Merkin, President of the HRGA. But going to the next level is no easy task for a small league. “This involves more manpower than what we currently have. CARDA has come in to help with us with past events and the relationship we established with them made it an easy choice to merge and have the support we’re looking for. There is a lot of excitement in joining with CARDA.”

In fact, what’s not to be excited about? Members of the HRGA now find themselves able to access a much bigger and stronger network of resources, support, training opportunities, experience, and knowledge than ever before. With this endless potential for personal and professional growth before them, the HRGA is now looking forward to giving back to all those who have stood behind them. “Being able to put into action what we have learned in practice against the other house teams is valuable – we’ll have something to give back to the fans who have stood by us for the last 2 years. There will be action packed bouts for people to watch and they’ll be able to cheer on a bigger pool of skaters.”

To learn more about the Heartland Rollergirls Association or to join as an official, skater, or volunteer check out their Official Website or Facebook page.

To learn more about the Central Alberta Roller Derby Association visit

A special thank you for the photographs courtesy of Beyond Wonderland Photography by BobbiJo Richardson! Make sure to check out their Facebook page for other photo shoots!