Western Tournament Officially Cancelled. RDAC Addresses Public Discord.

Despite their best efforts to retain participating teams and volunteers, the Beehive Burnher Tournament out in Prince George, BC has officially been cancelled. “Due to the withdrawal of RDAC’s support for the Beehive Burnher as the Western Regional Tournament we’ve had to make the tough decision to cancel the tournament,” said Diandra and Laura, Beehive Burnher organizers. “We understandably have had very little commitment from teams to continue to come and at this point are unable to ensure the tournament could run without incurring a personal financial loss for everyone involved. Thank you so much for making yourselves available and changing your summer plans to accommodate the tournament, we are eternally in your debt.”

Meanwhile, the Roller Derby Association of Canada (RDAC) put out their official press release this morning (June 17, 2013) announcing the cancellation of the 2013 RDAC Nationals and the¬†organization’s withdrawal from the remaining regional tournaments. According to the press release, representatives within the organization hope Canadian leagues will be patient and support their plans to restructure for next year: “A healthy RDAC is what Canadian roller derby teams need. In light of all of this we will be using the remaining 6 months to deal with the real issues that have put RDAC in this situation. We want to rebuild RDAC with your involvement and re-launch a new RDAC that has been allowed the time to pursue the funding needed in order to restructure. We have already received the support in principal from several key businesses who have expressed their desire in supporting RDAC with National Sponsorships as long as RDAC can organize these events well in advance.”

You can read the full press RDAC release here: http://rollerderbycanada.ca/?p=1154.

In the wake of all of these announcements, many are now curious as to whether or not the Central Tournament planned in Moose Jaw will still go ahead in some capacity. Will the Central Region’s derby community show the support required for a noteworthy tournament to continue out in the Canadian prairies without RDAC’s involvement? Or will this event also sadly see a cancellation?


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