A New Western Tournament Rises

Leave it to the Derby community to turn a disappointing situation around. Though the RDAC Western Tournament out in Prince George, BC will unfortunately not see the light of day in any form, individuals previously involved in the event have come together to put on a brand new tournament known as the West Coast Dust Up.

Hosted by the Anarchy Angels, this two day, four team round robin competition will take place July 13th and 14th in Lower Mainland BC with participating leagues and an exact host city to be announced soon!

What’s important now is ensuring that there will be an large enough officiating team to see that it all comes together. Jim Bourne, aka Dev Null, has put out the zebra call for skating officials. An online application form is now up on Google docs, click HERE to sign up! Applications will be excepted up to June 28th with a Crew Head being chosen on June 25th. So, if you would like your shot at the position make sure you get your name in now!

Non-Skating Officials have their own form which can be filled out HERE. The wonderful Katie Sharp, aka Plenty O’fficial, will be organizing these teams.

Stay tuned to Derby Frontier in the coming days for even more information on this new development as well as news on what is happening in Moose Jaw following the cancellation of Centrals!

West Coast Dust Up