There’s SO much Derby!!!

Too much, in fact! After tracking down everything for the past several months, we have come to the realization that maintaining the master list of derby events with our small staff of volunteer writers is a daunting task to say the least. Simply put, we do not have the manpower alone to scour social media and the web for all of the bouts, tournaments, invitationals, and clinics/boot camps going on in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Yukon. We at Derby Frontier will continue to do our best with keeping the list updated but we could definitely use your help!

If you know of absolutely ANY derby events not shown on the most current 2013 Derby Season Master List, be they your own league’s game or something you know of in neighboring cities, please inform us of them by sending an email to titled “ATTN Kevlar: 2013 Bout List”. In this email, if possible, please include:

1. The date of the bout, double header, triple header, invitational, exhibition, tournament, scrimmage, clinic, or boot camp

2. The city location where the event will take place.

3. The competing teams (if applicable)

4. The Facebook event page link, should one exist

For example:

July 2oth (Fort McMurray, AB)- Tar Sand Betties vs River City Riot

Please do not send in event information for things such as free skates, outdoor fun skates, public appearances, or fundraisers. The Derby Season Master List is a space designated solely for the advertisement of the sport itself and personal/team growth opportunities. So please, consider sending your home and away schedule in for the remainder of this season! It is advertising for your events completely free of cost!

Also, keep an eye out here this week for a big announcement about Derby Frontier’s exciting new volunteer writing program and all of the exciting benefits it could bring you!