Exclusive Centrals Coverage Live on Twitter

It’s our 50th post!!! And what better way to celebrate it by announcing that Kevin Dennison, aka Kevlar, aka Kevy Petting, will be manning the Derby Frontier Twitter feed ALL WEEKEND and he wants YOU sending him questions for your favorite derby girls, coaches, and officials! Want to know if Maiden Sane really IS sane? How about if crew head referee Kurz So Good is a boxers or briefs kind of guy? Or perhaps you’d like to know whether or not Coach Lime has any “hidden” tattoos? Follow us and tweet your questions to @DerbyFrontier and Kevlar will get you your answers!

Aside from taking requests, Kevlar will also be bringing followers behind the scenes to track setup (tonight at 6:00pm), Tournament Head Referee Noah Backtalk’s arrival in Moose Jaw with Coach Lime, captain’s meetings on game day (8:30am on Saturday morning), track side equipment checks, pregame pep talks with Lil Chicago Roller Derby’s Jaw Breakers, team warmups in the Moose Jaw Ford Curling Center, center track coverage during penalty challenges, and much MUCH more! This is a one of a kind chance for you derby fans to TRULY see all of the inner workings behind the scenes at a major tournament, so don’t miss out!

*Feature Image courtesy of LCRD’s Karla Pratt, aka Hiss N’ Hearse.

Photo courtesy of LCRD's Alpha Ginger. Coach Kevlar has all your Central coverage needs... covered. Yeah, that works!

Photo courtesy of LCRD’s Alpha Ginger. Kevlar has all your Central coverage needs… covered. Yeah, that works!