Alberta’s Iron Women Set to Impress

Headshot1Written by Kevin “Kevlar” Dennison
Owner-Operator of Derby Frontier



Hot on the heels of the Bruise-ual Suspects Tournament in Moose Jaw, which saw 6 teams from around Saskatchewan battle for the title of Central Champions, the Rocky View Roller Derby Association  is hosting their own competition featuring leagues from across the province of Alberta.

Rocky View Rollers

The two day event will pit 6 extremely competitive teams against one another at the Pete Knight Memorial Arena  this upcoming September 14th and 15th in Crossfield, AB in a series of extremely unique bouts. How are they so unique? Well, the 30 minute qualifier games taking place all Saturday will consist of different game mechanics than your traditional derby bout. In one match up, neither team will be eligible to receive lead jammer… at all! In another, the entire bout will be played counter-clockwise with Direction of Game Play majors being given for hitting in the traditional direction. All of this is intended to REALLY see what skaters are made of and what strategies teams can devise to work out a victory. How freaken cool is THAT!? Very…. dear reader. The answer is: very freaken cool.

We approached Adena Cheverie of the RVRDA for comment on what other trials may be in store for skaters. “The third game play [change] will be where you can only substitute off 2 players per jam – it will be a test of endurance for blockers AND jammers,” said Cheverie. “There may be some other surprises as well – [but] we’re not letting all the cats out of the bag!”

The whole idea came together when Hissett Fits, founder of the RVRDA, and Hoochie, current head of the newly reformed Canadian Women’s Roller Derby Association (CWRDA), began thinking up alternative options following the Roller Derby Association of Canada’s withdrawal from the remaining regional tournaments. The two have been in cahoots since meeting on the first version of Team Canada, which  toured England and Scotland in 2008 and featured skaters from the Calgary Roller Derby Association, Oil City Derby Girls, Saskatoon Roller Derby, Terminal City Rollergirls, and Toronto Roller Derby. Though keeping in touch, they had not worked together on any events since the final CWRDA bootcamp in Kamloops in May of 2012; but they have long wanted to find an excuse to resurrect the organization and once again bring something exciting to the greater derby community.

The result of their combined minds and urge to work together once again: the Inaugural Alberta Iron Women Tournament!

Competing Leagues:

Weekend Schedule:

Game 1 – 9:00, Red Deer vs OCDG
Game 2 – 10:00, E-Vill vs CARDA
Game 3 – 11:00, Grande Prairie vs Iron Women
Game 4 – 12:30, OCDG vs CARDA
Game 5 – 1:30, Iron Women vs E-Ville
Game 6 – 2:30, Red Deer vs Grande Prairie
Game 7 – 4:00, Iron Women vs CARDA
Game 8 – 5:00, Red Deer vs E-Ville
Game 9 – 6:00, Grande Prairie vs OCDG

Sunday – Full Length bouts at 10:00 am and 12:00 with Championship Game at 2:00pm!

The RDRDA Belladonnas recently placed 2nd at the West Coast Dust Up (BC’s answer to the cancelled regional tourneys) and has won the Women’s Tournament at both Flat Track Fever 2012 and 2013. E-Ville has had a strong tournament showing in the past with being third place finalists at the 2012 RDAC Nationals and Flat Track Fever 2013. But how will these two formidable forces stack up against the equally competitive Grande Prairie Roller Derby Association and Oil City Derby Girls with challenging changes being made to derby mechanics? And what tricks does the Iron Woman Mixed Team have tucked away in their helmet panties? I, for one, cannot WAIT to find out!

Weekend passes can be purchased in advanced for $15 each from or by emailing Passes at the door will be $20 a piece. Children 12 and under are free and Seniors are $15.

The tournament organizers are also seeking vendors and sponsors. If you’re a business within the province that wishes to promote your products and services, email for information on displaying your wares during the tournament or providing sponsorship dollars for the weekend.