The “Off” Season

Road Rash Written by Doug Peters

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So, you think the Derby Season is over for another year?  Put your gear in the wash, find a comfortable couch and get some of your favourite tv or movies going on NetFlix and don’t think about Derby until practice opens up next year…

Really?   That’s not the way it works in MY Derby world.  I am not only a skater but I’m a referee as well.   While many leagues shut it down for the season when the ice goes into the curling rinks and hockey arenas, Derby Skaters have a nearly un-ending list of options for continuing to skate in the “off season”.

Yes, the Fall and Winter seasons have a number of holidays and celebrations that occupy weekends that could easily be used for Derby.  Thanks-Giving, Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve <wink wink>. This is also the time of year when a lot of travelling  to visit family and friends happens.

Although my league has lost its practice space ( and many others have too ), I still am finding opportunities to Skate and Officiate nearly every weekend until the end of the year.   Although many leagues go quiet in the winter season, there are still a good number of leagues that are actively holding Scrimmages and Invitationals and even Boot Camps to get some training at.

My personal calendar looks like this…

Sept. 21, Prince Albert Bout and Men’s Scrimmage.

Sept. 28  Winnipeg Roller Derby Double Header

October 5th SRDL Killa Bees vs. Red Deer Nightshades

October 12th North Battleford  Double Header

October 19th  First Snow-Last Skate in Springside ( invitational )

And it doesn’t end there… Sk8mare in Edmonton is coming up!

I could go on…

I was recently reflecting that even though your local Derby League may be shutting the doors on the summer season… Derby doesn’t stop.  For refs  and Skaters alike, there are opportunities to skate year-round.

I recommend checking the Derby Frontier Master List of Derby Events.

If you’re interested in Skating, there are lots of opportunities. Also for your consideration.  Kevlar pointed out in his article earlier in the year that there are far to few Referees by comparison to the number of Derby Leagues that require Zebras to make their bouts happen.  Consider wearing the stripes and blowing a whistle.  You get a whole new appreciation for Derby and the team of people in stripes who help make it all happen in a safe environment for the skaters.

Joiiiinnnnn usssssssss

Joiiiinnnnn usssssssss

With that in mind, finish washing your gear…check out Derby Frontier and keep skating through the winter season.  There are a good number of skaters who will need to get back in shape after the NetFlix season is over and Summer Derby starts up again. You, on the other hand will still be in top shape and show ’em the tricks and hits you learned while they sat on the couch.

Go get ’em people… There’s lots of Derby yet to play!

Cover photo courtesy of Karla Dawn Paull Pratt.


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  1. great perspective piece, RoadRash! That photo is hilarious “join usssss”. “Become a ref, they said. It will be fun, they said” I’m looking forward to more learning opportunities!

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