Team Canada Men’s Roller Derby to Compete in the 2014 World Cup

Headshot1Written By Kevin “Kevlar” Dennison

Owner-Operator of Derby Frontier


And so it begins! Tryouts are completed, the roster is decided, coaches have been selected, and now training begins for Team Canada Men’s Roller Derby as they look forward to competing in the inaugural Men’s World Cup of Roller Derby next year. However, as excited as everybody is, the team is currently reaching out to the greater derby community across Canada asking for donations so that they can afford to travel to Birmingham, England for this prestigious event in March of 2014. A GoFundMe page has been set up with a set goal of $25,000 to cover air and ground travel for the 34 (or so) men itching to show the world what Canada has to offer for this growing sport.

So, who is Team Canada Men’s Roller Derby 2014?

Team Canada

Coach – Jess Bandit (Montreal)
Coach – Lime (Edmonton)
Assistant Coach – Bruiseberry Pie (Toronto)
Assistant Coach – Demolition Herbie (Calgary)

  • Big Panda – Les Mont Royals (Montreal)
  • Bradass – Glenmore Reservoir Dogs (Calgary)
  • Dev Null – Glenmore Reservoir Dogs (Calgary)
  • Dr T. Sanchez – Red Deer Dreadnaughts
  • El Tannant – Les Mont Royals (Montreal)
  • Flustercluck – Glenmore Reservoir Dogs (Calgary)
  • Gustov – Red Deer Dreadnaughts
  • Hammer – River City Riot (Edmonton)
  • Harassin’ Ford – Toronto Men’s Roller Derby
  • Homer Jency – Les Mont Royals (Montreal)
  • Jeff Tichbourne – Vancouver Murder
  • Kaiser Isayso – Vancouver Murder
  • Kent – Slaughter Squad (Ottawa)
  • L8R SK8R – Carolina Wreakingballs
  • Magic Johnston – River City Riot (Edmonton)
  • Marty Gras – Les Mont Royals (Montreal)
  • Nathaniel Paul – Slaughter Squad (Ottawa)
  • Quiet Riot – Glenmore Reservoir Dogs (Calgary)
  • R. Moore -The Wheel Men (Saint John)
  • Red – Slaughter Squad (Ottawa)
  • Riceball – Glenmore Reservoir Dogs (Calgary)
  • Russian Destruction – Vancouver Murder
  • Skate N Bake – Forest City Derby Guys (London,ON)
  • Stan da Side – Vancouver Murder
  • Tank – Les Mont Royals (Montreal)
  • The Rev – Les Mont Royals (Montreal)
  • Walker – Vancouver Murder
  • Whoya Kidd’n – Vancouver Murder
  • Wingman – River City Riot (Edmonton)
  • Ziggy – Red Deer Dreadnaughts

Tryouts were held in Montreal on July 27th, Vancouver on August 25th, Toronto on September 1st, and Red Deer on September 15th. Should everything come together as planned, Team Canada Men’s Roller Derby will compete against Team Britain, Team Denmark, Team Ireland, Team USA, Team Finland, Team Wales, Team France, Team Australia, Team New Zealand, Team Scotland, and Team Germany among many other represented nations. A total of seventeen have applied to the competition with the aforementioned being just a few of those that have now been formally invited to play.

You can now follow Team Canada Men’s Roller on Facebook as they train and prepare for their trip across the pond!



  1. I have a share in men’s team canada.

    I’m not dead just forgotten

    Seriously like to hear from you.
    Cuz I was with men’s team Canada to get it goin I was invested.

    Keep your private teams but this was ours ….

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