RDAC 2.0: Is There Still Hope?

For those who still have the Roller Derby Association of Canada’s (RDAC) Facebook page liked, you may or may not have noticed that productive activity has finally started to come from the now somewhat infamous organization. Lines of communication are open after going relatively quiet following their withdrawal of support from the 2013 Regional tournaments planned in Prince George, BC and Moose Jaw, SK (with the PG event quickly falling apart) and the cancellation of a planned 2013 RDAC National event. Mikael “DirtySwede” Sarkozi (also known as “Swally”) is taking the reigns on improving communication with the greater derby community and he hopes that Canadians will not lose faith in RDAC. He is now encouraging anyone and everyone to contact the organization to share productive, respectful feedback so that the brand new board can take the necessary steps toward becoming a beneficial resource to Canadian leagues.

In a Facebook wall post put up on October 22nd, Swally said:

“If you guys need to get a hold of us, this Facebook page is probably the easiest. If you are the emailing kind: info@rollerderbycanada.ca is best. Plz be patient with us, but be generous with feedback, both good and bad. What sort of things would you like to see for the new year? What didn’t work this year? We, the current RDAC do not quite know why certain decisions were made as we were not a part of the process, but we will not be repeating them!”

In one comment that followed, Swally then identified RDAC’s basic current plan as:

  1. “Stop the ship from sinking further.”
  2. “Get the ship afloat again.”
  3. “Pick a course, and go there.”

In terms of setting a course for RDAC, Swally ensures it will be whatever “Canada wants” it to be.

“That will come with time, but I am hoping that will come quick too. A National organization, names and ranking database. A resource and a think tank, with skilled and motivated volunteers, cus that is what we all are, as you know. And at least 5 big events a year. My 2 cents anyways.”

Members of the greater derby community have already begun partaking in open discussion on the wall regarding everything from professional integrity and improved communication to ranking systems and RDAC’s Canadian Name Registry.

Personally, I’ve always liked the idea of having a National organization for the sport up here in Canada and if RDAC is going to seek working with the WFTDA, rather than entirely on it’s own, then I am certainly intrigued. That being said, I’m just not sure if it’s even necessary at this point. Witnessing so many leagues and individuals all across Western Canada band together to put on the West Coast Dust Up in Surrey, BC, the Bruise-ual Suspects: Central Division Tournament in Moose Jaw, SK and the Alberta Iron Women Tournament in Crossfield, AB immediately after RDAC’s cancellations clearly shows that the greater derby community of Canada is more than capable of growth and expansion without an organization such as RDAC. Not to mention how many boot camps and clinics I regularly see pop up all around Western Canada organized by leagues on their own and featuring exceptional guest instructors willing to share their great knowledge of the game. So, does Canada even need RDAC? Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely curious about it all and if they can deliver on their new goals and vision then I’d be thrilled to see what sort of resources and opportunities they can bring to leagues across the country. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t apprehensive.

What are your thoughts? Are you interested in seeing what RDAC 2.0 has in store for Canada? Do you think Canada could benefit form an organization such as RDAC?

Let us know in the comments below and consider contacting RDAC to share feedback and/or suggestions!

Headshot1Written by Kevin “Kevlar” Dennison

Owner-Operator of Derby Frontier