Saskatoon Roller Derby Co-Hosting Team Canada Tryouts This Weekend

Have you dreamed of competing alongside the best roller derby athletes Canada has to offer? Do you want to challenge yourself and test your mettle against other incredibly skilled players in your region to see how where you currently stand? Do you want to have an INVALUABLE learning experience as you tryout alongside some of truly outstanding athletes? Well, now ‘s your chance for all of that and possibly more! Team Canada is holding tryouts (co-hosted with Saskatoon Roller Derby League) for the Central region THIS Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Saskatoon Kinsmen Henk Ruys Soccer Centre, located 219 Primrose Drive in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It is being run as a full day event so make sure you are there with time to spare in the morning and available to stay all day. ALL skaters interested in participating must first check as to whether or not they are eligible then fill out the Registration Form.

To be considered eligible you MUST:

  • Hold a current passport issued by Canada, that will be valid in December of 2014.
  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Complete the registration form and have valid insurance.

You are NOT required to be affiliated with any specific derby association so if you’re currently with any league, no worries. Skaters trying out are required to pay a $40 fee.

During the morning, everyone in attendance will be divided into smaller groups to participate in several hours of individual and group based skill testing drills. This will be followed by a lunch break (NOT provided) and then a full scrimmage. Depending on how large of a turnout there is, they may chose to only select a sub-group of about 30(ish) skaters so that they may better observe the primary candidates in a competitive game situation/setting. Everyone else is welcome to stay and watch.

Additionally, everyone is required to bring a par of running shoes, LOTS of water to stay hydrated and to pack their own lunches.

This event is open to spectators for a small fee of $10 so if you’re not trying out but you want to see how the whole process work, drop on by and check it out!

To everyone in Western and Northern Canada who can’t make the Saskatoon tryouts, consider heading to the Western Region tryouts at Chilliwack Heritage Park in Chilliwack, British Columbia on December 7th instead. This too will be a full day event, beginning at 10:0 am and running to 4:00 pm. For more details including the address, hotel information and more, check out their official page!

The Blood & Thunder World Cup of Roller Derby will be held in Dallas, Texas on December 4th of 2014. So far, all 13 national teams who participated in the Inaugural 2011 World Cup will return for this championship. Represented nations currently include Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Sweden and the United States. Team USA finished in first place after dominating much of the tournament while Team Canada took second place and Team England placed in third.

To learn more about about the 2011 event, the upcoming world cup and to stay up to date on everything from ticket sales to vendor announcements and volunteer/officials registration, check out!

Finally, I would just like to wish ALL of you trying out this weekend, or in Chilliwack next month, good luck!!! Do your best, give it your all and enjoy the unforgettable experience.

Kick some track girls!
Kevin “Kevlar” Dennison

A World Cup