With Our Support Dick Pounder Will Have a Voice at the Men’s World Cup

With news of all the men who will compete with Team Canada at the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup (MRDWC), it is exciting to see even MORE derby talent from our region chosen to partake in this incredible event. The latest big development is that Dick Pounder, house announcer for the Calgary Roller Derby Association (CRDA), is among the selected few who will have a voice at the MRDWC next year in Birmingham, England on March 14th to 16th as an announcer.

Dick Pounder has been announcing bouts and tournaments for seven seasons now. His involvement in roller derby began when his wife was approached at the Calgary Tattoo and Arts Festival by roller girls to join the sport and he wanted to support her as much as he could. When the other skaters in the CRDA heard him speak they thought he should become their announcer. Since then he has announced hundreds of events, so many so that he is not positive of the exact number. “I lost track of the number years ago, but it was over 150 bouts [in 2011],” said Pounder. “I’m probably pushing 200 by now!”

Some of the bigger events he has announced at include Derby Night in Canada, Flat Track Fever, RDAC Westerns and RDAC Nationals. Next year is looking like a BIG one for Pounder as he has already been accepted and booked for the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup in Birmingham, England on March 14 to 16 and the Wild West Showdown on February 28 to March 2 in Bremerton, Washington. He’s even looking ahead. “I am hoping to get into the Women’s World Cup and a few other tournaments that are in the works but we will have to wait to see about those!”

Outside of announcing, Pounder helps put together the Canadian Power Rankings for The Derby Nerd, he serves as the new coach for the Rocky View Roller Derby Association’s All-Star Team and he currently plays with the Dreadnaught Roller Derby. He also once played for the Glenmore Reservoir Dogs.

Pretty awesome guy to have announcing at the MRDWC, right!?!? Hell yeah! BUT Pounder needs some help from the greater derby community to help him get to the World Cup! On November 20th he started a GoFundMe page called Get Dick to the Men’s World Cup to raise the $3,500 he will need for travel. So far he has only been able to raise $140.00 of this amount. We can do this peeps! $3,360 ain’t nothen’!

Pounder 1

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Pounder about his involvement and excitement about the MRDWC as an announcer.


KEVLAR: So, how excited are you about being accepted as an announcer for the Men’s World Cup?

POUNDER: Beyond words excited. When I received the phone call I was on break at work and I wasn’t going to answer my phone because I didn’t recognize the phone number. I could hardly contain my screams of delight when he told me I had been successful in my application. It is something that you aspire to as an announcer, to be given the chance to announce at the highest level and the chance to travel for something I am passionate about. I have been on cloud nine ever since.


KEVLAR: I bet! How did the application process work for announcers?

POUNDER: It was a pretty straightforward online application. Listing some tournaments that I have announced, how long I have been announcing for, my home league….wait a minute. Is this actually another application? Do I get to announce in all the events in Saskatchewan if you like my answers?

Sorry, announcers tend to be easily distracted. Where was I.

Oh yes, they also asked for references of some of the announcers I have worked with. I have been lucky to work with some great announcers over the years so that part was easy.


KEVLAR: Nice try Pounder… What are you most excited about with announcing the tournament?

POUNDER: Tough to nail down what I am most excited about. I have never traveled outside of north America so that in itself is pretty exciting. Getting to watch and call the bet Men’s Derby Teams in the world, having the opportunity to work with an international array of fellow mouths. The whole experience is pretty exciting.


Pounder and Trevor Goodwin 2

Dick Pounder (right) with Trevor Goodwin (center) in West Edmonton Mall at the 2012 RDAC Nationals.


KEVLAR: Have you seen any other names released of people you announcing? If so, are there any you are particularly excited about working with?

POUNDER: Just recently saw the list of the other mouths. I am excited to work with a Bob Noxious and Bulldog who I have worked with in the past. Both are great to work with for different reasons. Bob along with Mack the Mouth were two of my mentors when I first started out and Bulldog is one of the best Play By Play guys out there. I have actually modeled some of my own play by play from working with him.

I would love the opportunity to work with Plastik Patrik out of Montreal, Ms. Spydr is another online announcer friend who I have always wanted to work with. I don’t recognize all the names but will be search8ing for examples of their work from now until then I am sure.


KEVLAR: What kind of growth opportunities does announcing for this caliber of an event offer you for your career as an announcer?

POUNDER: Working with different announcers gives you the opportunity to pick up tricks and tips to become a better announcer.  I am always trying to find ways to improve by listening to webcasts, visiting announcer forums etc. . One on one with the best in the world offers you so much more as you can ask for peer feedback and work on anything to make you a better announcer. Just like skaters are always trying to get better, refs and officials are always trying to get better I to am always tryig to get better. It isn’t something that has just happened overnight. I have worked hard to become the announcer I am and will continue to do so. this is just one more opportunity to learn from the best.

It also gets my name out there that hopefully in turn will present more opportunities for me going forward.


Headshot1Written by Kevin “Kevlar” Dennison

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