SRDA Nominations Deadline Extended. Let’s Make This Happen, Saskatchewan!

The nominations form for board of directors positions within the newly formed Saskatchewan Roller Derby Association Alliance (SRDA) has been up for a few weeks now but due to lower than projected numbers the nomination deadline will be extended for another few days.

To nominate yourself OR somebody else, fill in this form before Sunday, December 22nd at 11:59pm CST. Once all positions receive the appropriate number of nominations, province wide voting will commence!

This is of SUBSTANTIAL importance to the future of our sport in Saskatchewan. So, if you know somebody who is particularly passionate, motivated, resourceful,  inspiring and who has already done great things for the sport in our province, please talk to them about being nominated. We need our greatest, most influential derby minds on this ASAP!

The SRDA was recently formed during a Saskatchewan Mini Conference held in Saskatoon and attended by a number of prominent, influential roller derby individuals. The association will work hard to bring bigger and better growth opportunities to the province, including referee training, provincial tournament funding, wider and more informed media coverage, SaskSport Accreditation and MUCH more. The positions open for nominations are:

1. President

Must love derby in Saskatchewan, must have an eye for all groups involved in derby and be open to the growth and change that is coming into derby and our province. Responsibilities include coordinating all groups with one another inside of the board, liaison to all other board members, committee heads and internal dispute mitigation for the board, reporting and communication representative, accountable for to the provincial community on behalf of the board, spokesperson, assist to keep processes transparent and answers questions from the community and any outside body about the body’s intentions, goals or anything else that comes up.

2. Secretary / Treasurer

An organized individual who works with all board members and will be responsible for record keeping, financials, budgeting, minute taking, meeting organization (online or in person) website development, receipts. Works with the board to allocate money, provide reimbursements and any other aspect of operational record keeping or financial record keeping.

3. Sponsorship

A born negotiator, this person would be in charge of the write up and submit proposals for sponsorship in a timely manner with the larger community sponsors in our province like: SaskTel, Cameco, BHP Biliton and others. This person would be familiar with (or willing to become familiar with ) sponsorship negotiation. You will help us become and learn what we need to become to make ourselves eligible for various sponsorship opportunities as we take the plunge into provincial sponsorship. Sponsorship will be for things like tournaments, meetings, ref training, youth education on the sport, advertising, community involvements etc.

4. Accreditation

This person would be in charge of spearheading the organization and requirements to get us set up with Sasksport, liquor and gaming, kids sport, and any other provincial / federal sport funding out there that would assist in making our provincial sport stronger. This will work to assist with administration funding, gear purchase program, getting kids involved, ref training program, etc.

5. Event Planning

This person must be a people coordinator, SRDA plans on having at least one major tournament a year in October 2014, several meetings, assistance in the coordination of refs and staff for league events, and coordinating league event schedules. This person will be the coordinator of several committees, they must be self starters that are familiar with bout and event planning, volunteer coordination, meeting planning and be organized in their own way. This position will also help us set up event lists so that we know who, what, where, when, why we can get things put together quickly and efficiently as we move forward.

These of course are not set in stone, the form offers a very grounded explanation of the roles when it states:

Policies and procedures are not written up; job descriptions are not set in stone, this is just me imagining the  various roles. We all know how it works when we develop a new board, it takes a while to get things organized and running well. Part of the initial meetings will be about getting these roles straight. Any role changes will be communicated to the public.

If you have any questions, please contact Susanne “Prone TViolence” Babcock at If all goes according to schedule, voting will begin next week.


Headshot1Written by Kevin “Kevlar” Dennison

Now, Go Forth and Nominate Our Greats!