SRDA Announces Board of Directors

The election results for the 2014 Saskatchewan Roller Derby Association Alliance (SRDA) Board of Directors have just been officially announced! An impressive 227 votes were cast in this year’s elections.  Here is your elected SRDA board for this coming year:

President: Cody Kurz, Kurz So Good [Saskatoon Roller Derby League]
Secretary/Treasurer:  Susanne Babcock, Prone T’ Violence [Saskatoon Junior Roller Derby League]
Sponsorship: Sandy Braun-Elsaesser, Vexatious Valkyrie [Prince Albert Roller Derby]
Accreditation Director: Ron Gall, Ronnie B. Rotten [Lil Chicago Roller Derby]
Event Planning: Juston Sowa, J$ [Independent]

For a detailed look at how people voted for each candidate, click the images below:

The SRDA was started in December as a direct result of the Sask Mini Conference held in Saskatoon, where members of the provincial derby community discussed a number of pressing matters from season scheduling to benchmark requirements. The proposed function of the SRDA is to serve the greater derby community of Saskatchewan by bringing bigger and better opportunities for province wide certification, accreditation, education and sponsorship toward the sport. It will also work toward organizing provincial events and improving the general public’s awareness of roller derby.

Needless to say, 2014 is looking to be a phenomenal year for derby in Saskatchewan! Keep an eye out here for more about the association as it becomes established over the coming months.


Headshot1Written by Kevin “Kevlar” Dennison

Thank you to everybody who participated in the nominations and voting!