Meet Team Canada 2014: Eve Hallows [#31]

"Always move forward." Photo by Nicolas Charest for

“Always move forward.” Photo by Nicolas Charest for

Caitlyn Munn, aka Eve Hallows, began her derby journey in 2010 when she started participating in the “Raw Meet Vancouver” group, a non-contact club that focused on learning basic quad skating skills. She fell in love with skating almost immediately and shortly thereafter she decided to try out for the Terminal City Rollergirls. After completing their fresh mean program, Hallows was drafted to “The Bad Reputations” where she spent most of her time in the team’s jammer rotation.

Halfway through her rookie season, Hallows took a shot at the TCRG All-Stars tryouts. She ended up making the roster and finished out her season playing for both teams. Come 2013 she decided to dedicate her full attention to the TCRG All-Stars and made the transition from a jammer to a blocker. “I want to be able to do both, but for now I’m focusing on getting my blocking skills up,” said Hallows.

Last season the All-Stars made WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs in Richmond, Virginia where Hallows and her teammates placed 7th overall. On December 7th, she attended the Team Canada Roller Derby tryouts in Cilliwack, British Columbia and was ultimately one of the six skaters selected from the Terminal City Rollergirls.

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KEVLAR: How did you discover Roller Derby and how has your involvement in the sport impacted your life since joining?

HALLOWS: Not long after I decided to stop playing basketball I realized I needed a competitive sport in my life [or] risk going insane. The search lasted two and a half years. Then by complete chance I saw a commercial for the Terminal City Rollergirls on TV. I went and watched a few games and decided this is exactly what I had been looking for!

My life since joining has improved immensely. I have more friends now than I ever did growing up and a wonderful community that leaves you feeling like you belong somewhere. It is inspiring being around such dedicated and hard-working people. When I played Basketball I never made any extra effort to improve my game beyond attending team practice. With derby there is a desire to be the best possible player I can be. Improving my strength, endurance and understanding of the game are not just things I feel like I should do but I actually enjoy!


KEVLAR: Sounds like you’re a very active and athletic person by nature. Could you tell us a little about your time playing Women’s Basketball before roller derby?

HALLOWS: I have been playing sports from a very young age. The two main ones being Soccer and Basketball. I ended up being recruited in my senior year of high school to play basketball at a Kwantlen Polytechnic University. It was a great experience getting to do quite a bit of traveling and competing at a high level. I played for 3 years and my last year I was the captain for the team. 


KEVLAR: I saw that you were voted “Best Game Face” for two years in a row. What’s the story behind your fierce war paint?

HALLOWS: I love everything Halloween. Hence the name based off “All Hallows’ Eve” and the number 31. The skeleton face ties in with that nicely. I also feel like it helps me prepare for the game and calms my nerves. Besides, I look much too nice without it.

"I look much too nice without it." Eve Hallows (right) and teammate Ingram (left) show off their war paint.

“I look much too nice without it.” Eve Hallows (right) and teammate Jocelyn Ingram (left) show off their war paint.


KEVLAR: Though you’ve only been playing roller derby for a year, you’ve already competed in the 2013 WFTDA D1 Playoffs in Richmond, Virginia and now you’re a member of Team Canada 2014. What’s your secret?

HALLOWS: I do have to credit a strong sports background and experience in competitive play. Not just for the physical part of the game but the mental side of sports. Being a coachable player is sometimes the most valuable skill a player can have, so I try to be as coachable as possible. The other large part of it is my team. They are the most inspiring group of athletes I have ever met. I am always feeling challenged at practice and supported when I don’t feel successful. I am so grateful for them all!


KEVLAR: Many nations will be represented at the 2014 Blood & Thunder World Cup, are there any countries in particular that you are looking forward to competing with?

HALLOWS: England for sure! That game is going to be so exciting! 


KEVLAR: The Team Canada roster looks incredible. How does it feel knowing you will be competing alongside so many amazing Canadian athletes? 

HALLOWS: Honoured is the key word that comes to mind. I am pretty speechless about being included in this amazing group of skaters and I am just hoping to learn as much as possible from them all! 

KEVLAR: What advice would you give to the other skaters who tried out for Team Canada but didn’t make the roster this time around?

HALLOWS: What I would have done if I didn’t make the roster would be request some feed back from the coaches, and try to remember that being on any specific team doesn’t define you as a player. Always move forward.

"With derby there is a desire to be the best possible player I can be." Photo by Nicolas Charest for

“With derby there is a desire to be the best possible player I can be.” Photo by Nicolas Charest for

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In the months leading up the 2014 Blood & Thunder World Cup of Roller Derby I will be posting more interviews with the other skaters selected from Western Canada.  Keep an eye out for interviews with Evada Perón and Buffy Saint Fury. Thank you to Caitlyn Munn, aka Eve Hallows, for the wonderful interview and a special thank you to Nicolas Charest of for use of the photographs!

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Go, Team Canada!