Best of Saskatchewan Roller Derby 2013 Nominees

Over 70 individuals participated in the nominations process and the results are in! This is NOT a call for voting, this post is just to show the names put in for Derby Frontier’s 2013 Best of Saskatchewan Roller Derby celebration. The province has come a VERY long way in just one year and I think that progress is highlighted here by the tremendously talented and deeply dedicated nominees.

But before we get into it, I would like to address an error of judgement I made in how to handle the Derby Frontier 2013 Best of Sask Derby nominations for my blog. I wanted to celebrate the sport locally, within the province, but the method I chose to use (by being exclusive to residents of Saskatchewan only – as a means of stopping the handful of nominations for individuals based out of province) was a little TOO exclusive. After hearing the concerns of a couple of people who do not live in Saskatchewan but are solely affiliated with a Saskatchewan based league, I changed the requirements to instead be for individuals whose home league was in the province or, if they were independent, that they were based in Saskatchewan. I felt this was a better choice and I feel that is positively reflected in the nominees.

My apologies to all who I upset and who were unfairly affected through the initial leg of this process. I understand my choice was not as considerate as it could have been and I will be more attentive with future efforts. Below you will find the complete list of nominees for the 2013 best of Sask Derby celebration. Please note that voting HAS NOT BEGUN yet. This post is meant to show all the names, which met the nomination requirements, that have been put forward. If you see any errors please do not hesitate to inform me either here or by emailing me at Some of the Junior Derby Skater nominees have incomplete information and I am unaware of their affiliated league so if you recognize the derby names I’d really appreciate help filling in the blanks!

Most Supportive to the Provincial Derby Community:

  • Achey Breaky Bones (Nancy Bachman) [Gapland Rollers]
  • Anya Azz (Mandy Eirich) [LCRD]
  • Commie (Anastassia) [PBDC]
  • Dolly ParDDon (Tracy Prang) [SWSRDA]
  • J$ (Juston Sowa) [Independent]
  • Kevlar (Kevin Dennison) []
  • Kurz So Good (Cody Kurz) [SRDL]
  • Lime (Bradley Foote) [SRDL]  Declined Nomination
  • Maiden Sane (Azure Bee) [PBDC]
  • Reds Onya (Sandra Provick) [PBDC]
  • Road Rash (Doug Peters)

Sask Derby Photographer of the Year:


Sask Freshmeat of the Year:

  • Addy 2’d Juster (Krista Michelson) [LCRD]
  • Booty Squishus (Heather O’Neill) [BRDL]
  • Chevy (Amanda Chevrier) [SRDL]
  • Dominate Trax (Darnelle Bahniuk) [SWSRDA]
  • EZ Bruiser (Falon Hall) [PARD]
  • General Lee (Kendra Lee) [SWSRDA]
  • Li’l Miz Toxic (Sarah Demeis) [SWSRDA]
  • Nickle N’ Dime Her (Nicole Bellrose) [LCRD]
  • Rollabye (Kimberlee Dirkson) [PBDC]
  • Scarlet O’Nail Ya (Rachel Beeson) [PBDC]
  • TERRorIzer (Terri Dolph) [LCRD]


Most Promising New Sask Official:

  • Baby Zebra (Tabitha Vida)
  • James Hatefield (Tim Dartige) [Ringleader Roller Girls]
  • Road Rash (Doug Peters)
  • Rollabye (Kimberlee Dirkson) [PBDC]
  • Serviceman (Sean Boutin) [Ringleader Roller Girls]
  • Slowly-Butt Shirley (Jordan Barnsley) [SRDL]
  • Spirit Crusher (Stephanie Bourne) [PARD]


Sask Referee of the Year:

  • Hawkeye (John David Hilts) [Gapland Rollers]
  • J$ (Juston Sowa) [Independent]
  • Kevlar (Kevin Dennison) [Unaffiliated]
  • Kurz So Good (Cody Kurz) [SRDL]
  • Left Turn Don (Don Skaar) [PBDC]
  • Ref U (Josh Vandendort) [SWSRDA]
  • Shomie Urhits (Peter James) [SWSRDA]
  • Toxic (Carmen Decelles) [PBDC]


Sask NSO of the Year:

  • B-Lethal (Barry Osborne) [PBDC]
  • Big Sexy (Morgan Henshaw) [PBDC]
  • Boxcutter (????) [SRDL]
  • Dolly ParDDon (Tracy Prang) [SWSRDA]
  • Doom Cookie (Kaeli Decelles) [PBDC]
  • Quantum Chaos (Amanda McDonald) [SRDL]


Sask Coach/Trainer of the Year:

  • Commie (Anastassia Commie)
  • Couch (P Frank Bowditch) [SRDL Mindfox]
  • Curb-Stompin Coleshaw (Sarah Coleshaw) [SRDL]
  • Dolly ParDDon (Tracy Prang) [SWSRDA]
  • Don’t Give A’Dams (Troy R. Adams) [Ringleader Roller Girls]
  • Farm Fatale (Araelya George) [Gapland Rollers]
  • HELL-ary BOMBshell (Hilary Boswell) [SRDL]
  • Lime (Bradley Foote) [SRDL Mindfox]  Declined Nomination
  • Rotten (Ron Gall) [LCRD Jawbreakers]
  • Vegas (Damon Walton) [PBDC]
  • Venus N D’Sykes (Krista Sandney) [SESRDA]
  • Vic Vega (Dean Toles) [SWSRDA Redneck Betties]


Sask Junior Skater of the Year:

  • Holly Hellstrike (Maddi Ewert) [SJRDL]
  • Mad Dog (Madison Miller) [SJRDL]
  • Mazel Tuff (Mazlynne Bachman) [Smalltown Smashers]
  • Nutcase Nadia [PBJD]
  • Pile Driver (Amber Gehl) [SWSRDA]
  • Shay-m-less (Shaylynn Haryung) [Smalltown Smashers/Gapland Rollers]
  • Short Change (Matthew Babcock) [SJRDL]
  • Q-Tee McWhiskers (Mackenzy Vida)


Sask Blocker of the Year:

  • Aimin’ 4 U (Amy Dodd) [LCRD Jawbreakers]
  • Anna Filactic (Bree Cannon) [PBDC]
  • Commie (Anastassia Commie) [PBDC]
  • HELL-ary BOMBshell (Hilary Boswell) [SRDL Mindfox]
  • hELLbilly Deluxe (Ellie Reid) [Gapland Rollers]
  • Holley Double Thumper (Kristen Schick) [PARD Outlaws]
  • Mae Wasteya (Tina Helgason) [SWSRDA Redneck Betties]
  • Maiden Sane (Azure Bee) [PBDC Sugar Skulls]
  • MishBehavin‘ (Michelle Walsh) [SRDL Mindfox]
  • Pipe’r Peach (Germaine Tourond) [PBDC Sugar Skulls]
  • Rocket Richard (Carissa Richard) [SESRDA Hillbilly Hurt]
  • Ruby Rawbones (Robyn Betker) [PBDC Sugar Skulls]
  • Saylin Bya (Jordan Kachur) [SWSRDA Redneck Betties]
  • Spanx Givin (Jenny Kermes) [SRDL Mindfox]
  • Tidbit Knawty (Janatine Augustine) [SRDL Mindfox]
  • Trixie Vixen (Raeanne Kalenchuk) [SWSRDA Redneck Betties]


Sask Jammer of the Year:

  • Achey Breaky Bones (Nancy Bachman) [Gapland Rollers]
  • Bashful Button [SWSRDA Redneck Betties]
  • Bellicose Blonde (Carisma Toles) [SWSRDA Redneck Betties]
  • Commie (Anastassia Commie) [PBDC Sugar Skulls]
  • Dominatecha (Jahda Bowes) [SRDL Mindfox]
  • Janesaw (Jane Hayes Needham) [PBDC Sugar Skulls]
  • Jinger Vitus (Stephanie St. Cyr) [SWSRDA Redneck Betties]
  • Maiden Sane (Azure Bee) [PBDC Sugar Skulls]
  • Mer C Buttkicks (Meredith Rose) [SRDL Mindfox]
  • Shomie Urhits (Peter James) [Team Sask Men’s Roller Derby]
  • Spanx Givin (Jenny Kermes) [SRDL Mindfox]
  • Trixie Vixen (Raeanne Kalenchuk) [SWSRDA Redneck Betties]


  1. Hi kevin for booty squishus (fresh meat) thats me:-) its just question marks for my name:-) awesome that you took this on grest way to show what sask has at its disposal! Lots of talent!

    1. Ahhh excellent! Yeah a few of them had just derby names provided and I wasn’t able to deduce who the individuals were outside of that. Congratulations on the nomination!

      And I completely agree, there is a TON of talent here to get excited about. As extensive as this nominees list is, there is also SO many more incredible skaters, officials and volunteers out there too. This is just for fun though and hopefully it inspires everybody to continue celebrating their derby colleagues for the remainder of the year!

  2. I think a list like this sure shows how amazing this province is! Thanks for taking this on, Kevlar!

  3. “for individuals whose home league was in the province or, if they were independent, that they were based in Saskatchewan” How is their alberta coach included in this list? Just curious – he’s independant ya, but not based in saskatchewan…guessthe squeaky wheel gets the grease…

    1. Hello Sarah! Lime was originally not eligible until I was informed by the SRDL that although he resides in Alberta his home league affiliation is with the Saskatoon Roller Derby League, he was instated as the head coach of the SRDL Mindfox for all of 2013 and is not affiliated with any other leagues. There are one or two other nominees who reside out of province but are home league affiliated within Saskatchewan, such as Farm Fatale who lives in Manitoba but due to her proximity to Saskatchewan her home league is Gapland Roller Derby League in Rocanville. This seems to be surprisingly commonplace with leagues situated closer to our borders so while I wanted to make sure that talent was recognized locally, I didn’t want to punish individuals who are dedicated to our provincial growth but cannot be recognized due to the address printed on their drivers license.

      The whole process of this fun celebration has been incredibly tricky and I admit it is not perfect, but I am happy with the results printed above. IF I decide to do another celebration for 2014 it will have a more solid foundation behind it.

      I hope that helps clarify things! If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask!

  4. Thank-you for posting the list Kevin, There are a ton of talented people in the Sask Derby community. I don’t know if I’d be able to choose just one as a “best of” from these lists of amazing people. I’m just happy to be acknowledged as a contributor in 2013.
    Thanks to the people who nominated me. I’m humbled…

    1. Too true, Doug! It won’t be easy to choose just one at all! And there are many more out there, not in the nominees pool, who have been doing wonderful work too. It will be fun to recognize and celebrate some of the amazing individuals across the province though.

  5. Lime is as Saskatchewan as it gets! He is there for all leagues when requested on! He has no borders holding him back, it’s a shame he declined nomination.😡

  6. It is a shame that Lime declined his nominees.. Lime has been apart of SRDL since 2007 when SRDL was founded..

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