RESULTS: Derby Frontier’s Best of Sask Roller Derby celebration

Whew! The polls are closed and I don’t know about all of you but I’m exhausted!

I understand that some members of the derby community disagreed with the vote being open to absolutely everyone, be they a skater, current fan or some random citizen bored on their lunch break. When the nominations period began, we tried the whole exclusivity approach by having eligibility open only to citizens of Saskatchewan. This was, understandably, poorly received as it prohibited numerous individuals who live out of province, but are solely affiliated with a Sask based league, from being considered. If this strong reaction reaffirmed one thing it is that elitism, snobbery and strict exclusivity do more harm than good. The nomination requirements were quickly relaxed and we decided to keep the INCLUSIVE ball of love rolling by opening up every part of the vote to everyone that we could. There was great potential to utilize this vote to promote both the sport and numerous leagues, teams and organizations across the province… and it worked!

Fans, sponsors, neighbors, coworkers, supporters and local, rural and provincial news sources have just shown us all that they DO want to engage with this sport… so long as we let them! This vote intrigued them, welcomed them with open arms, and as a result approximately 3500 individuals from all over the province and nation participated in voting for whichever categories they chose to. Thank you, sincerely, to each and ever single person who participated in the polls!

Going forward into 2014, Derby Frontier will never, ever be anything but completely and utterly open to every single person out there regardless of whether or not they’ve ever actually watched a bout. There are no prerequisites to engaging with this sport or with this blog. We will always strive to challenge limiting ideals such as “do it yourself” and “for the skaters, by the skaters”, as Derby Frontier believes instead in fostering an environment that is “for the community, by the community” and chooses to “do it TOGETHER”. Simply put, we are 100% dedicated to bringing Roller Derby to the public and bringing the public to Roller Derby.

This has been a large learning experience and next year’s vote will be bigger and better as a result, but it will also, once again, be 100% open to the public (though we will likely be using a different program/platform).

Now, without further ado, here are those chosen via blog polls as the winners of Derby Frontier’s Best of Sask Roller Derby celebration!


Derby Frontier’s Most Supportive to the Provincial Derby Community

Dolly ParDDon (Tracy Prang) [SWSRDA]


Derby Frontier’s Sask Derby Photographer of the Year

Rob Vida, Rob Vida Photography


Derby Frontier’s Sask Fresh Meat of the Year

Dominate Trax (Darnelle Bahniuk) [SWSRDA]


Derby Frontier’s Most Promising New Sask Official

Slowly-Butt Shirley (Jordan Barnsley) [SRDL]


Derby Frontier’s Sask Referee of the Year

Kurz So Good (Cody Kurz) [SRDL]


Derby Frontier’s Sask NSO if the Year

Dolly ParDDon (Tracy Prang) [SWSRDA]


Derby Frontier’s Sask Coach/Trainer of the Year

Couch (P Frank Bowditch) [SRDL Mindfox]


Derby Frontier’s Sask Junior Skater of the Year

Mad Dog (Madison Miller) [SJRDL]


Derby Frontier’s Sask Blocker of the Year

Mae Wasteya (Tina Helgason) [SWSRDA Redneck Betties]


Derby Frontier’s Sask Jammer of the Year

Jinger Vitis (Stephanie St. Cyr) [SWSRDA Redneck Betties]


Congratulations to each and every one of you on being selected, celebrated and recognized by your peers, family, friends, communities and more! And to all of the other nominees, know that this in no way takes away from your tremendous personal accomplishments and efforts in this sport. You have each done incredible things in Roller Derby and thousands now have recognition for the well-deserved nominations that you received.


Headshot1Written by Kevin “Kevlar” Dennison

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