Derby Frontier to Embark on Destination: Derby

I am extremely excited to officially announce that Derby Frontier has officially partnered with Destination: Derby for their 2014 odyssey through the United States. I will be joining rookie skater D’s Nuts #00 (Astoria, Oregon, USA), intermediate skater B’Elanna Torrid #656 (St. Albert, Alberta, Canada), dedicated NSO Don Crabtree (Seaside, Oregon, USA), manager/assistant Theophany Marie (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) and team mascots Roxyzzle #1 (Astoria, Oregon, USA) and Tuck’Er Out #11 (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) on the epic 20-day, 8000 KM trip. We will be visiting and learning from 15 leagues in the states of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas.

Simply put: I. AM. STOKED, for this! Besides carrying my gear I will also be traveling with my laptop, a video camera, a sound recorder and a digital camera to document every interaction, memory and encounter I experience along the way with . At the end of each day, before I fall asleep for the night, I will post a blog post on what lessons were learned, who we met, what we did, what connections we made and much more. Of course, there will also be the inevitably bunch of daily Facebook status updates and tweets, both from the flat track and highway, chock full of photos taken alongside and working with our American host leagues.

DF + DD Journey

Destination: Derby” is composed of a team of roller derby players with differing levels, plus skating and non-skating officials. The group consists of participants from both the United States and Canada who will visit roller derby leagues, hoping to acquire knowledge and new skills in the ever-growing sport of roller derby.

We strive to maintain a positive and fulfilling learning environment for all of our participants. As a team, we are on a journey of improvement and self-empowerment. We learn from the leagues we visit, and we take back with us the skills we need to be successful as teammates and individuals. We also strive to be the ambassadors for all roller derby players and officials who have struggled with hardships, injuries, and obstacles, and to those who have overcome those obstacles through self-awareness, freedom, and self-worth. We hope to represent the sport of roller derby in the most positive way possible, and share our experiences with fellow roller derby players and leagues all over the world.

Thank you Destination: Derby for this incredible offer to share in a once-in a lifetime experience on the road and for offering me the opportunity to share the whole thing only with our readers, followers, visitors, supporters, sponsors and fans! I am incredibly lucky to have been offered this opportunity to branch out into communities beyond Western/Northern Canada, to further develop my abilities as a journalist and to represent Saskatchewan’s greater roller derby community as an ambassador. Can’t wait to share everything with my provincial leagues when I get back home too! Best part of it all though is that everything I personally learn and experience will be shared FOR FREE, right here, every day from August 2 to 22 on So, please join Derby Frontier and Destination: Derby on this incredible derby adventure south of the border in just under six months!

On February 17, 2014, beginning at 8:00 AM MST, Destination: Derby will be hosting a Online Silent Auction to raise funds for our journey. For all items purchased from the Edmonton area and Canada, 25% of the proceeds will go towards Team Canada Men’s Roller Derby, to help fund their journey to Birmingham, England to compete for the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup.

Keep an eye out right here on Derby Frontier over the coming months for interviews with each member of Destination: Derby!


IntensityWritten by Kevin ‘Kevlar’ Dennison

Roooaaaaaaddddd trip!