It’s International Derby Photographer Day!

You may or may not have noticed that some of the bout photographers on your friends list may have changed their profile or cover pictures to the International Derby Photographer Day! It’s a new celebration getting more attention around the greater derby community, and for good reason too!

Bout photographers are, unfortunately, often those lone rangers that we kind of, well, forget to show genuine appreciation to. Which is a shame because they have literally documented our entire history as a developing sport and many go above and beyond to support our leagues for free. Rarely do they actually make a profit selling derby photo prints (on this note: BUY BOUT PRINTS FROM YOUR PHOTOGRAPHERS) as they are just as dedicated and passionate about this sport as ANY skater, official, coach, announcer or fan is. They take our league member photos, they take photos of our bouts and practices and more often than not they allow us to share and post their professional work without demanding take downs.

The exact origins of the event are a bit lost but this is the second year of International Derby Photographer Day day and it’s something that the group f/2.8: Fast Glass around the Derby Track came up with. “The day is February 8th since 2/8, using the US date format, is mirroring the fast and wide aperture of f/2.8 of the lenses that many of us use to shoot in the dimly lit arenas of roller derby,” says Tyler Shaw, a photographer based in Alexandria, Virginia who shoots bouts/events for Charm City Rollergirls, River City Rollergirls, San Diego Derby Dolls. “My understanding is that it started out as a comment in one of our group threads and it blossomed in to what it is after one of our members created a cover image for his page. At it’s core it’s a day to celebrate not just ourselves but the sport that we all love to photograph.”

From all of us here at Derby Frontier, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to Mike Trottier’s Roller Derby Photography, Rob Vida Photography, Michael Squier, Tina Jansen Photography, Anthony Canada, Jessie Smith Photography and Darwin Knelson for your dedication toward capturing the history of Roller Derby in across Canada through your lenses, for promoting the sport in your bodies of work and for permitting so many of us to share your images across social media platforms and our personal websites. Derby Frontier seriously would not be even remotely as interesting to look at if you each didn’t allow us to feature your photographs at one point or another!

So, please join us in celebrating these passionate professionals for all that they have done for our leagues, events, communities and the sport in general! Hop on their Facebook pages and thank them! Give their professional pages a glowing review and recommendation! Tell them about what their photographs mean to you and to your friends and family, who have watched you grow into an empowered athlete through the images of his or her body of work!


IntensityWritten by Kevin ‘Kevlar’ Dennison

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