CRDA Competing in First WFTDA Bouts this Weekend

Although there is a lot of derby happening this weekend all across North America and abroad, we would just like to take a quick moment to say GOOD LUCK to the Calgary Roller Derby Association (CRDA) who is playing their very first, fully sanctioned Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) bouts this weekend in Bremerton, Washington at the Wild West Showdown! The CRDA officially become full-fledged members of the WFTDA on December 23rd, 2013. We spoke to Mamsita of the CRDA last month in an exclusive article about the history of the league and their success as trail blazers for the sport within Western Canada.

CRDA All-Stars in action. Photo courtesy of Chris Edwards.

CRDA All-Stars in action. Photo courtesy of Chris Edwards.

The CRDA All-Stars will be playing the Dockyard Derby Dames at 8:45 PM on Track 2 on Friday, the Ark Valley High Rollers at 9:15 PM on Track 1 on Saturday and then will finally face the Slaughterhouse Derby Girls at 12:30 PM on Track 1 on Sunday. You can view the complete schedule for Wild West Showdown here: Live coverage of both tracks can be watch here:

The complete list of competing teams is as follows:

  • Ark Valley High Rollers (Salida, Colorado)
  • Bellingham Roller Betties (Bellingham, Washington)
  • Boulder City Bombers (Longmont, Colorado)
  • Calgary Roller Derby Association (Calgary, Alberta)
  • Cherry city Derby Girls (Salem, Oregon)
  • Dockyard Derby Dames (Tacoma, Washington)
  • Emerald City Roller Girls (Eugene, Oregon)
  • FOCO Girls Gone Derby (Fort Collins, Colorado)
  • Junction City Roller Dolls (Ogden, Utah)
  • Lava City Roller Dolls (Bend, Oregon)
  • Port Scandalous Roller Derby (Port Angeles, Washington)
  • Sick Town Derby Dames (Corvallis, Oregon)
  • Slaughter House Derby Girls (Greeley, Colorado)
  • Rodeo City Roller Girls (Ellensberg, Washington)
  • Rainier Rollergirls (Tacoma, Washington)

Also participating from Canada is the Greater Edmonton Junior Roller Derby Association (GEJRDA) in the Junior Derby competition of the tournament. GEJRDA will be competing against Lilac City Pixies on Track 2 at 8:30 AM on Saturday. They will then play the FOCO Spartan Babes at 1:45 PM on Track 2 that same day. On Sunday, they’ll take on Rose City Rosebuds at 10:15 AM on Track 2.

The complete list of Junior teams competing is as follows:

  • FOCO Spartan Babes (Fort Collins, Colorado)
  • Greater Edmonton Junior Roller Derby Association (Alberta, Canada)
  • I-5 Rollergirls (Renton, Washington)
  • Kitsap Derby Brats (Kitsap County, Washinton)
  • Lilac City Pixies (Spokane, Washington)
  • Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks (Denver, Colorado)
  • Rose City Rosebuds (Portland, Oregon)
  • San Fernando Valley Junior Derby (Van Nuys, California)
  • Seattle Derby Brats (Seattle, Washington)

Good luck to you both in your respective competitions! We’ll all be watching and cheering you on from wherever we are this weekend!

IntensityWritten by Kevin “Kevlar” Dennison

Cheering on the CRDA and GEJRDA all the way from Prince Albert, SK this weekend!