Love Will Always Triumph Over Derby Stank – My Engagement Announcement!

I first met Falon Friesen, aka EZ Bruiser, at the Big Hit Boot Camp in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan on April 19, 2013, but it wasn’t until July 6 that we really connected at the Redneck Rumble in Swift Current, a day long event filled with men’s derby, junior derby, scrims and provincial bouts. Not even derby stank could keep us apart and after hitting it off at the after party we were having our first date together just 3-weeks later. With her living in Prince Albert, me in Moose Jaw, the LDR was tough but between Skype dates, phone calls and us both attending the same derby events we were fortunate enough to build our relationship upon a foundation of strong communication, trust and honesty. It also helped that our great friends Hannah Wilkinson (Willkillsome) and her husband Robert Drebert kept inviting us to visit them in Saskatoon so we rarely went more than two or so weeks without seeing each other in person.

Engaged 03

Hannah ‘Willkillsome’ Wilkinson (left), you’re one hell of a friend! Thank you so much for all the great weekends hanging out and letting us crash on you air mattress!

For the past 8 months Falon has shown me more love, happiness, adventure, support, and encouragement than I have ever experienced before. She has done nothing but motivate me to excel in all that I do. Whether it’s my aspirations with Derby Frontier, my dream to become a full-time journalist/writer, my involvement in the sport as an official and announcer, Falon has been there by my side inspiring me and cheering me on every step of the way.

And just over two hours ago she got down on one knee and asked me to marry her!

Needless to say, I said yes! We may be broke and our apartment may be messy, but we are incredibly happy and there is nobody else I would even consider spending the rest of my life with. She is my best friend, my true love, my bad-ass derby warrior, the physics behind my skating stride. Hun, I cannot wait to travel all over with you, cheering you on from the stands as I watch you booty block bitches and yes, sometimes blowing my whistle at you and sending you to the sin bin. But behind every call, be they right or wrong, know that I make them because I love you!

Engaged 01

Derby love brought me to the love of my life! I’m one lucky bastard!

I love you, Falon.



  1. She’s a very special lady, You’re very lucky. Congratulations to both of you !!

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