Saskatoon Scrimmage Aims to Keep Cheapshot Dot’s Derby Vision Alive

The Rebelles Recreational Roller Derby League is based in Saskatoon, SK.This coming Friday (March 28th, 2014), they will be hosting their first invitational scrimmage. But before we talk about the scrimmage, I would like to tell you a bit about the history of the league.

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Dorothy “Cheapshot Dot” Woods founded the Rebelles in 2011 along with her friend, Lorrie Rusnak. Dot’s goal was to create a team that was fun and light-hearted, so no one would ever want to quit. Everyone could learn the game and enjoy it, with no pressure. Lorrie says, “She was all about bringing people together. She planned everything, and together we built a wonderful team.”

In November of 2011, Dot went missing.Her friends, family, and team mates devoted themselves to finding her. Soon, derby players from across western Canada were showing their support, and helping to hang up flyers.CWRDA (Canadian Women’s Roller Derby Association),, and even the Blood and Thunder World Cup shared the story of her disappearance.Unfortunately, her remains were found just outside Saskatoon in January, 2012. She was a loyal friend to many inside and outside the derby community, and a very loving and devoted mother to her two children and step-son.

One of the many fliers that were made and circulated all around Western Canada to find Dorothy Ann Woods.

One of the many fliers that were made and circulated all around Western Canada to find Dorothy Ann Woods.

Lorrie loves leading this team, “I have kept the team going for Dot because I know how much it meant to her. We have such a great group of girls that come out to skate.I know they are proud to be Rebelles, especially now that we have Dot’s brother skating with us. I want the team to continue on in her name, and to be able to continue growing. It has been a struggle, but now by bringing Curb and friends on board, the team is only going to get better.”

Enter Curb Stompin’ Coleshaw. This year, along with coaching the Saskatoon Junior Roller Derby League, and skating with the Saskatoon Roller Derby League, she has been helping Lorrie out with the Rebelles. I asked Curb about how she became involved with the Rebelles.

“Lorrie had asked me if I would be interested in coaching the Rebelles. I told her I didn’t have the time to commit to another derby practice every Friday night, but I would help her organize coaches so she could become more involved in practice and work on her own progress. Essentially, it’s almost always a different skater each week to coach the Rebelles, which makes it fun, different, and exciting because you never know what drills you’ll be doing or games you’ll be playing.”

Over the last three months, the Rebelles have been training hard with the goal of benchmarking, and participating in this scrimmage. After advertising on facebook, they quickly had skaters signing up.Curb and Lorrie had to cap it at 32 players, even though there was more interest, simply to make sure that everyone would have a decent amount of track time. They have skaters from both the junior and senior leagues in Saskatoon signed up, along with about 7 skaters from outside Saskatoon.

Photo courtesy of Adrienne Starks.

Photo courtesy of Adrienne Starks.

Hang 11 from Saskatoon stepped up to organize refs for the game, and Quantum Chaos will be organizing the NSO’s.The ref crew is full, but if you would like to be an NSO, you can contact Quantum at

The scrimmage will be on Friday, March 28th at the Cosmo Civic Centre in Saskatoon, SK from 8-10 pm. Admission is free, but bring a bit of cash, because there will be Rebelles merchandise for sale, and the Saskatoon Roller Derby League will be running a small concession to fund-raise for their trip to play in a tournament in Spokane, WA.

The Rebelles will also be holding registration on Friday. Their next session runs from April 4th to June 27th.It costs $100 to join.

WillkillsomeWritten by Hannah ‘Willkillsome’ Wilkinson

Social Media Coordinator for Derby Frontier