SRDA Holds First Official Board Meeting

The Saskatchewan Roller Derby Alliance (SRDA), previously known as the Saskatchewan Roller Derby Association, had their first official meeting last night (March 24, 2014) to discuss how the organization will move forward as a provincial body for Roller Derby.

The complete meeting minutes can be viewed by clicking HERE.

A lot of the discussion during this first meeting is pretty typical of a first meeting for most new organizations. It’s great to see that the SRDA is talking about things like transparency, defining the roles of board members, developing a list of responsibilities, talking about membership requirements and benefits for leagues interested in joining, etc.

Some interesting points to note is that it appears the SRDA will not so much be operating as a “governing body” of some kind but will instead focus on developing resources, services, growth opportunities and events for leagues and teams across the province. Some of their current and planned services include:

  • A Sask referee mailing list that leagues can send their staffing requests to. Once a league emails, all skating and non-skating officials who have signed up to the mailing list will see the message and can contact the league (there are currently 32 officials on the list).
  • The creation of a Grievance Committee and an Anonymous Grievance Form that leagues can utilize to air any complaints about other leagues, teams and/or the community. The SRDA Grievance Committee will work to help mediate conflicts.
  • Bringing accreditation and provincial sponsorship opportunities to the table for Sask based leagues.
  • Taking the lead on organizing a “Provincials” tournament (currently looking at early October in North Battleford).
  • Putting together a provincial events calendar for leagues to promote their bouts, scrims, bootcamps, tournaments, clinics, etc.
  • Organizing another off skate provincial meeting for the end of the year.


How The SRDA Came to Be

Derby in Sask is getting more and more organized!

Derby in Sask is getting more and more organized! PLEASE NOTE: This is not the SRDA’s logo or banner.

The SRDA was formed as a direct result of discussion among individuals from across the province during a Mini-Conference held in Saskatoon this past November 30, 2013. Among those in attendance were skaters, officials, coaches, league representatives and a variety of prominent members of the greater derby community who all agreed that a provincial association was paramount to foster growth and support for the sport across Saskatchewan.

A nomination form for five proposed board positions was quickly made public after the meeting. The Sask derby community was given 15-days to make nominations for positions and on December 23, 2013, a list of the names put forth was announced in the Derby is Alive in Saskatchewan Facebook group. Over the following days nominee speeches were made and voting was underway with some friendly rivalries between those up for each position leading to great promotion for the new organization.

In all, 227 votes were cast and on January 6, 2014, the voting results for the SRDA’s first elected board of directors were publicized.


Kevlar 2Written by Kevin ‘Kevlar’ Dennison

Anxiously awaiting to see what comes next!



  1. Thanks for the push here. We are also currently intending to use public google docs and Facebook to keep people up to date on our happenings. Also, anyone interested in helping out to get the group going, please contact me, or another of the SRDA board members

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