Derby Frontier Nominated For the 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards

Oh wow! I’m extremely excited to announce that Derby Frontier (DF) has been nominated for THREE Awards in’s 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards (CWAS)! Thank you so much to all of DF’s followers, readers, contributors and supporters for giving so much to the blog and for putting the blog in for consideration!

The CWAS is a juried competition that promotes and recognizes Canadian weblogs of all genres. From November 16 – 29, a qualified jury of bloggers will chose First, Second and Third place for each category based on ten criteria with the winners being announced on December 1st, 2014.

The categories DF has been nominated for are:

  • Sports/Recreation
  • Life

You can view the complete list of nominees here:


I’d like to take this moment to thank Falon Hall (aka EZ Bruiser), Hannah Wilkinson (aka Willkillsome), Doug Peters (aka Road Rash) and Victoria Morningstar (aka Margie A GoGo) for their continued content contributions and tremendous support, helping with various administrative duties in regards to the site. Also, a thank you to Angie Reid (aka Easy Break Oven), Chris Mosier of Trans* Athlete and Terri Royea (aka cranky Busterchops) for being special guest bloggers to DF, we hope to feature more from you again in the future. A special shout out as well to Anastassia Commie and Dean Toles (aka Vic Vega) for the encouragement and patience with role delegation.

Of course the blog wouldn’t be as nice to look at as it is without the outstanding support from roller derby photographers across the globe including Rob Vida, Mike Trottier, Michael Squire, Nicholas Charest, Anthony Canada, and too many more to name!

Finally, thank you ALL of our interviewees throughout the past 2-years who have spoken to us about a variety of events, issues and more around the greater roller derby community (click the linked dates to view the interview/article):

Win or no win, I’m extremely proud of the blog and incredible thankful to every reader, follower, photography, commenter, etc. for the years of support!


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