Saskatchewan Roller Derby Alliance Looks to Fill Vice President Seat and Other Board Positions

The Saskatchewan Roller Derby Alliance (SRDA) is now accepting nominations of three integral positions within the new organization. Members of the provincial roller derby community are being asked to put in their own name, or the name of somebody they feel is well suited for any of the roles, no later than 11:59 PM on Saturday May 17. In order to ensure the SRDA has a legitimate, inclusive board none of the new nominees can reside in Saskatoon, Wadena or Birch Hills. This will also help the SRDA secure provincial accreditation for everyone’s benefits. Click here for the nomination form!

Positions open include:

1. Vice President

This role serves as a support position for the President and the person that would step in to the role or position of president should there be a need. The other role of this position will be our media go to person. This means they need to be creative or at least be able to coordinate creative people. They will be responsible for making connections in the province for media coverage, this would include: print, radio, television, online streaming as well as coordinating any publications that are needed.

2. Treasurer

This role would work as a financial coordinator for incoming and outgoing expenses. This person would assist in the formulation of budget, tracking costs, maintaining banking records, assisting with other directors to submit financial records to the appropriate bodies, etc.

3. Accreditation Director

This person would be in charge of spearheading the organization and requirements to get us set up with Sasksport, Liquor Gaming, Kidsport, and any other Provincial / Federal funding that would assist in making our provincial sport stronger. This funding will help the provincial board assist with administration, funding, gear purchase program, getting kids involved, ref training, etc.

Bonus: the Vice President will get to work closely with this handsome devil. Kurz So Good currently serves as the SRDA's first elected President.

Bonus: the Vice President will get to work closely with this handsome devil. Kurz So Good currently serves as the SRDA’s first elected President.

The SRDA was formed as a direct result of discussion among individuals from across the province during a Mini-Conference held in Saskatoon this past November 30, 2013. Among those in attendance were skaters, officials, coaches, league representatives and a variety of prominent members of the greater derby community who all agreed that a provincial association was paramount to foster growth and support for the sport across Saskatchewan.

The provincial derby community were given 15-days to make nominations for five proposed positions and on December 23, 2013, a list of the names put forth was announced in the Derby is Alive in Saskatchewan Facebook group. Over the following days nominee speeches were made and voting was underway.

In all, 227 votes were cast and on January 6, 2014, the voting results for the SRDA’s first elected board of directors were publicized. They held their first official board meeting on March 24, 2014 to discuss how they would move forward over the coming months. Meeting minutes can be read HERE.

Kevlar 2Written by Kevin ‘Kevlar’ Dennison

Happy nominating, everyone!