Calling on the Saskatchewan Roller Derby Community; Your Officials Need You!

I’m putting this out to every skater, coach, photographer, announcer, official and fan in the province, the Saskatchewan roller derby community needs your help! This upcoming June 7th is the Block Party tournament in Whitewood and I am personally very concerned about the short staffing of the event. Only 14 skating officials and 7 NSOs are confirmed for what looks to be a jam-packed weekend. Saturday alone consists of 6 full-length bouts and 1 Junior Mini Scrimmage, all packed into what will likely amount to a 12+ hour day with very few, if any, breaks in between games. This is especially true when you account for any time outs, official reviews, injuries, etc. that may happen throughout those bouts, causing things to go off schedule as they do at many similar big events.

That’s a lot of responsibility and expectation for these 21 individuals to shoulder both physically and mentally. While I have talked before about the dangers and concerns of exhaustion for skaters at tournaments, that also applies to the officials. They too can are susceptible to injury, overexertion, exhaustion and dehydration and the risk of it happening is certainly higher for this event due to the number of bouts, the scheduling of them and the very thin officials crew.

Please, I implore you, if your weekend is clear June 7th then come help your province’s officials and greater community out by NSOing! If you’ve never NSO’d before, no biggie! The existing crew is tremendously knowledgeable, helpful and experienced, so, you absolutely will not be abandoned to your own devices. You’ll be trained, supported AND well fed! Competing leagues in this event are the Ringleader Roller Girls (Whitewood, SK), Gapland Rollers (Rocanville, SK), Prince Albert Roller Derby (Prince Albert, SK), Norsask Roller Derby (Prince Albert, SK), Plap City Rollers (Portage la Prairie, MB) and SESRDA Hillbilly Hurt (Estevan, SK).

If you are available to help or you have any questions, please contact Tournament Head Referee Kurz So Good via email at as soon as possible! Your help would be paramount to ensuring the province’s officials are well supported, the tournament runs smoothly and that the 5 teams from around Saskatchewan (that’s almost HALF of the province’s leagues represented) have the safest possible competitive environment available to them.


Kevlar 2Written by Kevin “Kevlar” Dennison

Come on out to Whitewood and give us a hand!