Destination: Derby is Postponed Until Summer 2015

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform everyone that Destination: Derby has been postponed until next August due to a series of unforeseen events, unfortunate accidents and surprising career obligations. The official announcement post over at the Destination: Derby WordPress blog explains the decision in detail:


“As time drew closer to our departure date, our roster decreased drastically in number due to career commitments, and recently, due to injury and commitments to family and well-being.

The safety and well-being of our participants is of the utmost concern to our organization.  We do not want to embark upon a 22 day journey, where we would be subjecting our participants to constant changes in elevation, extreme heat, and an extremely fast-paced itinerary with little rest.  With one of our participants recently suffering a head injury, the elements are simply too much of a risk to their health, and we want our participants to be in good health and ready to face whatever obstacles present themselves with a clear head and a healthy body, and a healthy attitude.  One of our mascots is also suffering from an injury, and requires additional recovery time.

Life comes before roller derby, and several of our participants have been offered outstanding positions in their preferred field of employment.  Careers that allow for advancement, great benefits, and job security are not opportunities our participants could pass by, and by taking those careers, it left no room to take time off to participate in our journey.”

Destination: Derby Postpones to 2015


Life most certainly does come before roller derby. As much as I was excited for this trip I completely agree that our careers, family, education, personal health, etc. all come first (derby doesn’t pay the bills or put food on the table) and I am glad that the team has placed safety at the forefront by not pushing this trip with an injured skater and injured mascot.

Through the combined efforts of our whole team, we were able to raise almost $8000 through fundraisers and sponsorship this year, all of which will move forward into next year. Furthermore, everyone who was invited out on this year’s trip has been asked to partake in the journey next time and I have, of course, said yes. Now that we have a full year to prepare, that allows us a LOT more leeway to organize, get time of work, raise some awareness for the trip and for me, personally, to prepare my resources better so that I can provide the best coverage I can. With this postponement I can now start conducting video interviews on the trip for the blog (something I felt too swamped to do before)!

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