Helping Mae Wasteya and the Helgasons

If you’ve been involved with the sport of roller derby in the province of Saskatchewan, you’ve likely heard of or even competed with or against Tina ‘Mae Wasteya’ Helgason. Not only has she contributed a great deal to the derby community of her province but she continues to be be a tremendous ambassador of the sport.

Having joined roller derby in 2012, over the past two years I have come to admire and see Tina for the incredibly inspiring woman, mother, athlete and person that she is. Though I don’t personally know her family well, I have heard nothing but great things of their compassion, love and generosity as a family unit.

On August 9th, Tina’s son was badly injured in a car accident. Close friend and teammate Heather “Rhett Ro” Christie has set up a gofundme page to assist the Helgason family as they start down the long path to their son’s recovery. All funds raided will be used to cover travel costs and medical expenses that arise.

In a show of tremendous support, 52 people have already donated a combined total of $3,265 toward the $4000 goal in just 24-hours. With only a little ways left to go, please consider donating to help Mae Wasteya and her family out if you can!

You can find the gofundme page here: Helping the Helgasons.

To learn more about Tina, you can read an Interview I had with her here: Making Memories Count; Mae Wasteya Reminds Us to Appreciate Our Time in Derby.