Feminist Killjoy Joins as Fourth Guest of 2015 Trans* Awareness in Sports Week

Feeling honored to have Freya Gosnold, aka Feminist Killjoy, of Glasgow Roller Derby (GRD) as the fourth confirmed guest  for 2015’s Second Annual Trans* Awareness in Sports Week on the blog! Killjoy is a skater and referee for GRB who was also recently voted in as Chair of the Board. On April 16, 2014,  Killjoy was named Transgender Liaison to the United Kingdom Roller Derby Association (UKRDA) alongside league-mate, Jodie Stanley, and will next be participating in the UK Roller Derby Conference hosted by the UKRDA this upcoming October 11th.

Outside of roller derby, Killjoy is a well known performance artist and social activist with strong personal and political ties in trans* advocacy and support across Scotland, recently making waves at Arches Live 2013 with a powerful performance in “I’m Still Here and You’re Still Dying.” The piece told a deeply personal story of HIV, Coca Cola, responsibility, roller skates and the inescapable truths of sexual violence. Killjoy was also the co-founder of UNBOXED, “a human rights organization fighting for equal rights for people of all gender presentations/identifications and sexual orientations.”

Have a couple of more guest announcements on the way so keep an eye out for them over the next week!