Hicktown Throwdown Tournament Offers All Star Western Canadian Competition and “Bubble Derby”

Written by Kevin Dennison

If you are in or around Armstrong, British Columbia this upcoming weekend, October 25 – 26, consider heading out to the Hassan Memorial Arena for what looks to be a great weekend of TRULY grassroots roller derby between some of Western Canada’s toughest competitors. Known as Hickdown Throwdown, the two day round robin tournament will feature Thompson Okanagan All Star Team (T.O.A.S.T.), Vancouver Island All Stars, the Anarchy Angels and Team Alberta competing in what the Facebook event page describes as  “super low key. No announcers, no DJ, no frills, no beer gardens, etc.”  event.

Cool! In many ways this tourney has a sort of pop-up-restaurant vibe to it and the low key approach taken with it certainly pays off for spectators as admission is only $5 per bout or $15 for the weekend. I like them prices! The very concept behind Hickdown Throwdown is great in that it keeps the expense low for the hosting league too, allowing them to publicly showcase the sport without loosing much money. But don’t like the extremely grassroots approach fool you! Hicktown Throwdown promises a stellar lineup of highly competitive teams that anyone can enjoy watching.

It’s also great to hear that all proceeds from the event are going toward covering the travel expenses of the officials (say, whaaaaaaaat) traveling to work the competition. Now, THAT’S a great gesture as far as I’m concerned.

The schedule for the tourney is as follows:

Saturday October 25th

9:00 AM – Team AB vs TOAST
11:30 AM – Anarchy Angels vs Vancouver Island
2:30 PM – Team AB vs Anarchy Angels
5:00 PM – Vancouver Island vs TOAST

Sunday October 26th

9:00 AM – Team AB vs. Vancouver Island
11:30 AM – TOAST vs Anarchy Angels.

And that’s not all. One of the coolest aspects of this derby competition is that after after the Vancouver Island vs TOAST bout on Saturday you can stick around to see Bubble Derby at 7:00 PM. What is Bubble Derby, you ask? Well, it’s this:

Photo courtesy of Diz Ruptive Photography.

Photo courtesy of Diz Ruptive Photography (check out their Flickr page HERE). Two Rat City skaters attempt to burst each others bubbles.

Fun times will, undoubtedly, be in excess!

Rat City Rollergirls hosted an extremely entertaining looking Fantasy Flat Track event earlier this month that not only had the bubbles to play with but also boasted vibrant tutus and whiteboard smack-talk. You can view Diz Ruptive’s full gallery of the game in the “RCRG Fantasy Flat Track” photo gallery on their Facebook page. Frankly, I think bubble derby looks like ridiculous fun and I’m extremely jealous of any person who gets to play with them at the Hicktown Throwdown during the two 15-minute halves that Jo Leflufy, one of the founding skaters of TOAST, describes in a post made yesterday on the event page.

However, while the Rat City skaters wore their skates while participating in bubble derby, those who play in the bubbles during the Armstrong event will do so in their runners. Safety first!