A Thank You Letter

This is one of the most honest, profound and powerful blog posts I’ve ever read from a derby peer.

I feel that this is an immensely important read for everyone involved in the sport. Sometimes we become so absorbed with roller derby, so focused on the excitement and drama of our league, that we fail to consider what is happening in each others lives.

Thank you for this post, Hot Flash. My sincere best wishes to you on your journey forward.

Thehotflashseattle's Blog

In 2014 I dropped out of sight.

In this blog post I began to write about all of the thing’s I’ve been going through and what led up to this post, BUT……. in an effort not to over share, here is the deal390754_10150408329317969_815662968_8312858_166496388_n in a nutshell.

I believed I would never write another blog post again.

I’ve been struggling with major clinical depression.  This cloud began taking me down in mid 2013. It was triggered by a culmination of the following events, sort of in order.

(this is where it might be good to note that you are getting the condensed version)

The events were……… selling my Real Estate Brokerage that I’d built from scratch (self funded), getting a divorce that brought great harm to my little boy,  losing a brother, and both parents (all three passed),  losing some of my dearest very best friends and other beloved people through…

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