Mad Rollin’ Dolls Launch Fantasy Roller Derby for New Season

Written by Kevin Dennison

Honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t heard of a league already doing it. The Mad Rollin’ Dolls out of Madison, Wisconsin, are starting their new season strong with the simply BRILLIANT decision to introduce Fantasy Roller Derby for their fans and followers. Fantasy sports have always been a huge thing online. I know of countless people, including close friends and family members, that literally spend hours every week with Fantasy Football and Fantasy Hockey. Applying that to your league for both your new and already establish audience to play with is just downright smart.

Sure, it will probably take some time for people to become invested in it, however, should this really catch on I think it will prove to be a tremendous boost to the team’s overall public profile. These sort of features have a tendency to spread like wildfire as people begin to invite their friends, developing friendly competition in who can make the best picks for each game. I genuinely hope this proves to be a huge success for MRD and leads to other great interactive projects for fans of the sport. I’m still holding my breath for somebody to make some bitching trading card game of some sort. Or hell, bring back pogs but with, like, derby girls on them. Call your “slammer” the Jammer as you try to flip those pesky blocker pogs! I’m going to stop now because I’m really showing my age here…

Seriously though, huge kudos to MRD on this one. I don’t even live in Wisonsin and this sounds like something fun that I’m absolutely going to check out for myself. From a fan standpoint, I think this is a wicked way to make the overall derby experience more interactive. For a sport that I feel sometimes forgets the fans as it touts the “for the skater, by the skater” mantra, I feel that MRD’s Fantasy Roller Derby is a big step in the right direction toward truly including the audience in the game. Check it out HERE!