Derby Frontier Picks Up Two Big Wins in the 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards!

The results are in and Derby Frontier has placed 2nd in the “LBGTQ” category and 3rd in “Sports & Recreation” for the 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards! To quote yet another Adventure Time character, Finn the Human: “Wizard!”

The other outstanding winners in these categories are:


1st Place: alfred lives here

2nd Place: Derby Frontier

3rd Place: Acts of Greatness


Sports & Recreation

1st Place: The Hoop Doctors

2nd Place: Active Kids Active Family

3rd Place: Derby Frontier


Honestly, I was overwhelmed and thankful to just be recognized as a Top Five Finalist. I’m at a loss to express just how overjoyed I am to place anywhere within the Top Three. Though I have been writing for many years this is the first time that I have won anything and I feel extremely honored to be acknowledged in these two categories amongst so many other outstanding blogs.

Speaking of which, 530 unique blogs were nominated across 26 categories in this year’s awards so make sure to check them all out! There’s tons of great content to discover and explore across these sites.

Massive congratulations to all of the other winners and finalists in each of the other categories, as well as an enormous thank you to Elan Morgan of, Aidan of, and every one of the volunteer jurors who worked this year’s awards.

To learn more about Derby Frontier. Check out the About section! In light of the 2nd Place win for LGBTQ, I’d also like to take this opportunity to shamelessly promote next year’s Trans* Awareness in Sports Week beginning on March 28, 2015. It’s coming up fast and I can’t wait for it to kick off following the success of it this year!