Want to Win a Flag Signed by Roller Derby World Cup All-Stars? Here’s How You Can!

Written by Kevin Dennison

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Roller Skaters Worldwide Facebook page is running an awesome competition with one hell of a grand prize! While Marcia Taylor, aka Meat Train, and Alexia Garbutt were in Dallas, Texas skating with Vagine Regime during the World Cup of Roller Derby, they had a number of flat track all-stars from around the world sign a New Zealand flag. Now YOU can win that flag! But rather than tell you about it, let me show you… with American Sign Language!


Hi, my name is Kevin.

There’s a fun competition. Go to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Roller Skaters Facebook page.

Happy Birthday, Marcia!

Okay, so my ASL knowledge is very limited but it IS Marcia’s birthday and the Deaf & HOH page IS giving away this wicked fag:

Marcia drapes the flag over her back as Quadzilla adds his signature.

Marcia drapes the flag over her back as Quadzilla adds his signature.

For your chance to win simply like their Facebook announcement post, tag a friend in the comments section, then upload a video of yourself signing some kind of message to the page. Don’t know sign language? Doesn’t matter, neither did I before that Youtube video I made! So, don’t worry about being perfect and don’t worry about making it long. All Marcia and Alexia ask is that you do your best, don’t make any signs up, and just give it a try.

Seriously, do it. I’ll be making an actual submission video myself because I want that flag BAD!



  1. I applaud your effort on signing however I do want to let you know that English does not directly translate to American Sign Language and the syntax is different. I am HOH and learning sign and I use it to communicate with my deaf friends. Your signs are correct but your syntax is off. I uploaded a video to the deaf and HOH derby page if you want to go watch it. For example when you sign my name is it is signed name my ____. And there is not a one to one word for each English word when speaking sign. 🙂 good job though.

    1. Thank you for the info, Diamond Dog! Falon and I plan to practice more and educate ourselves with proper syntax for when we submit our video to the competition. This was more of a quick, fun, spur of the moment effort to encourage people to try it out themselves. Next one will have some improvement, we hope!

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