An ASL Message from Kevin and Falon Dennison

Written by Kevin Dennison

Voting is underway for the sign language video competition on the Deaf and HoH Roller Derby Skaters Worldwide Facebook Page with everyone calling on their friends and family to help them win an awesome New Zealand flag that was signed by all-star skaters at the Roller Derby World Cup.

We couldn’t get a submission ready in time for the contest but Falon and I still wanted to film another video message to show everyone how fun sign language can be! Just give it a try!

Hi, I’m Kevin.

Hi, I’m Falon.

Nice to meet you!

We support Deaf and HoH Skaters!

It’s not perfect and we’re still learning syntax but we enjoyed ourselves and now we want to learn more! So, even if you didn’t get the chance to enter the competition for the flag, we highly recommend you make your own sign language video and send it off to show support for deaf and HoH derby athletes around the world.

Good luck to all of those looking to earn the most votes so that they can scoop up that RAD flag!